Baba Bakala

Baba Bakala, Bakala, Amritsar, Punjab

Baba Bakala Gurdwara is closely related to the ninth Guru of Sikhs. At Baba Bakala there was a very important event that took place that is remembered by the Sikhs till date. This incident is noted in the history of the Sikhs.

On 30th March 1664 at Delhi their last guru, Guru Harkrishna Sahib Ji Maharaj was on bed taking his last breath and during his last breath he uttered a word 'Baba Bakala'. He had announced his successor would be found at Bakala village. This was for the first time when their Guru did not select their successor in person but just gave a hint about his successor. This created some nervousness in all the Sikhs and Sikhs were worried during this time. This strange incident had changed the history of the Sikhs forever hence forth. There were many volunteers who wished to be the next Guru. Legends believed that by the grace of god whatever happens, happens for good. He vowed that he will offer 500 dinars to the guru.

Makhan Shah

Makhan Shah was a very great trade merchant from Jhelum district. He was traveling with his boat and goods and got caught in a furious storm. His goods and life both were in danger. At last he prayed to god and Guru Nanak for help. He believed that by the grace of Guru Nanak he landed safely at the nearest port. He vowed that he will offer 500 dinars to the guru. On his way to Bakala he saw that there were many volunteers who claimed that they were gurus. To find out the real guru he offered each guru 200 dinars, he knew that the real guru will demand for the exact amount of vow. He heard a solitarian in that area, that was Tegh Bahadur and he was the son of Hargobind. He went to see Tegh Bahadur and placed 200 dinars in front of him, Tegh soon replied "god bless you" but you had pledged for 500, then why only 200. By this the Sikhs discovered their tenth guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur. From then this event is considered to be very important and has been noted in the history. The place where Guru Tegh Bahadur used to meditate stands a beautiful Gurdwara.


There are thousands of people who visit this place every year in March in order to pay respect to the sacred guru Tegh Bahadur. They also offer sacrifices for him hence this is considered as a festival time for the Sikhs. There is also an annual fair that is held here on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan.

Travel Route:

Airways: Nearest airport is the Amritsar airport which is at a distance of 41 kilometers and the Chandigarh airport which is at a distance of about 198 kilometers. There are taxis and buses available from airport to Baba Bakala Gurdwara.

Railway station: Nearest railway station is the Amritsar station which is at a distance of 41 kilometers. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Baba Bakala by rail and Amritsar is well connected to all the major cities of India.

Road ways: There are state transport and luxury bus services available from Bakala to all the major cities of India. There are taxis available from bus station to Baba Bakala.

Best time to visit:

Ideal time to visit Baba Bakala Gurdwara is from March to August as during this period there are festivals and fairs that are celebrated with great fervor and joy.