Information on Sikhism Religion

Sikhism is one of the most ancient religions of India and the believers of this religion are called Sikhs that means disciples. The founder of Sikhism was Guru Nanak. Sikhism stands for casteless society and preaches that all people stand equal. Guru Nanak was born into a hindu family. Later he said that there is only one God and criticised Hindu and Muslim religious sectarianism.

The Holy Book Of Sikhism is Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Gobind Singh declared before his departure to the heavenly abode that this Holy Granth would be the spiritual guide for Sikhs.

Guru Gobind Singh made Khalsa (Sikh common wealth), a full-fledged nation and taught them to perform the noble duty of defending their motherland. Guru Gobind Singh, the last among the Gurus (1666-1708), initiated the Baptism Ceremony.

By the time of tenth Guru - Guru Gobind Singh, the Sikhs had to defend themselves from Muslim persecution and Guru Gobind Singh organized his followers into a military order called Khalsa which literally means "pure". Sikh men and women were initiated into the Khalsa by sharing a drink of sweetened water called "Amrit" a symbol of loyalty to God. After initiation, they are given the name Singh (Lion).

In this religion, it is obligatory for all Sikh men to always have five K's. Kesh, Kirpan, Kada, Kachcha and Kanghi (long hair, small sword, iron bangle, drawer, and a comb).

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