St. Joseph's Cathedral

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

St. Joseph's Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Hyderabad. This is a very huge church. This church has a much elaborated architectural work that is very simple and stunning. There is one unique feature of this church that is it has bell towers on the top of the cathedral. This bell towers contains 5 bells that are quite huge and open. This gives an awe-inspiring sight for the devotees. This cathedral looks absolutely mind blowing with its elaborate architecture and huge bells on the top.

St. Joseph's Cathedral was established in the year 1820 and has an Italian influence in its architecture. Father Antonio Tagliabue brought pieces of land near Chaderghat and this place is now called as the gun foundry area. The main foundation of this church is laid by the Msgr. Pietro Caprotti in the year 1870. Finally the Fr. Luigi Malberti took over the chare to complete the main building and this church was open for the devotees on the eve of Christmas in the year 1875. Hyderabad was made a separate diocese in the year 1886; hence Pope Leo XII had declared this church as cathedral. In the year 1891 the fašade and the bell towers were finished. These huge bells are arranged in such a way that various hymns can be played on them.

The centre hall of this holy place is very big; hence it can accommodate about 500 people at a time for prayers. The huge bells are brought from Italy and were connected to the church in the year 1892.

These bells are considered as a very important part of this cathedral. They are not only holy but it is also believed that they indicate about lighting and thunderstorm. These bells ring dynamically during a strong storm to warn people. During the ancient time when there were no watches to indicate the time, bells were rung to indicate the time. There is a tradition that considers the bell to be an exorcism to keep away the evil spirits, which are driven out before attaching them to the church.

People visit this holy place with strong belief and faith. There are thousands of people who visit this place every year. They confess their mistakes in front of the lord and ask for forgiveness. They have to just carry candles along with them, light them and place them in front of the lord. People from all over the country visit this place to take the blessing of the lord. They ring the bells, light a candle and make a wish. The annual festival of charismas is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm as this place is crowded with thousands of devotees.

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Railways: Hyderabad is the head-quarters of the south central railway of India. It is well connected with all the main cities of India via rail lines. There are three main railway stations in Hyderabad.

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