St. Thomas Cathedral

St. Thomas Cathedral, Mumbai, India

St. Thomas Cathedral has a beautiful structure that show off the beings of the first Anglican Church in Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra. This church was completed in the year 1718 A.D. this church is now preserved as the world's heritage monuments that is conserved. The foundation of this church was laid in the year 1676. But it took about 40 years to complete. The entrance of this church was built by the east India Company to protect it for the settlement and this entrance is called as the "Church gate". It is called the same even today. In the year 1714 there was an enthusiastic captain known as Richard Cobbe took the initiative to complete this church. In the year 1718 this building was open to celebrate and for divine service on Christmas day, hence forth this was used as a church.

This church was named after St. Thomas as he was the 12th Disciple of Christ and was one of the apostles of India. This church became a cathedral in the year 1837, when the sea of Mumbai along with Bishop was founded. The clock and the tower of the church were added in the year 1838 at the western end. In the year 1920 the tiled roof of the church was damaged and there were cracks in the roof. There were heavy leakages in the walls of the church. During this time there were renovations of the church. The stained glass of the church that is on the altar and on the St. Thomas chapel was restored to its original condition. This renovation was completed on the auspicious occasion of Christmas in the year 2003.

People of all religions are welcomed here and there are no barriers of caste, creed and religion for entering these churches. People visit this place with great faith that all their wishes will be fulfilled here and all their sickness will be cured here. People light candles in the altar area as a token of love for St. Thomas. This church is open for seven days a week and from 7 am to 6 pm in the evening. There are masses conducted on every Sundays and Fridays. People, who visit this place after spending time in prayers, try to spend some more time in meditating. The festival of Christmas is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm, as there are thousands of people who visit this place. St. Thomas Cathedral is decorated on the eve of Christmas with lighting and other decorative articles.

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Airways: There is domestic as well as international airport located in Mumbai. There are regular flights operated from here to all the major cities of India. There are taxis and local buses available from airport to St. Thomas Cathedral. This church is easily assessable from any point of Mumbai.

Railways: Mumbai is connected will all the major states and cities via central rail lines. There are many trains that are operated from here to all the major cities of India. There are even local trains available from different stations with in Mumbai.

Roadways: There are State transport and luxury bus services that are available from Mumbai to all the major cities of India. There are local buses and taxi services available from Bus station to St. Thomas Cathedral