Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple in Thanesar

Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple in Thanesar

Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple is located in Thanesar in Haryana. It is said that Pandavas prayed here to Lord Shiva to grant them his blessing so they can gain victory in Mahabharata. It is also believed that the water in the tank near the temple is holy water. The water has the power to cure all sorts of diseases. King Ban was suffering from Leprosy and few drop of the water from this tank cured his disease forever. This is very important and popular pilgrimage place for Hindu religion in Haryana state. People believe that their joinery is incomplete if they do not visit this place of Kurukshetra.

It is also said that as a lingam of lord Shiva was first worshipped in Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple. This town is considered as the Capital of the Harshavardhana. This lingam is ancient and is still preserved by the local people. It is also said that the Pandavas won the Mahabharata due the blessing of the Lord Shiva. It is also believed that all their wishes are fulfilled here.

Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple is considered as an important part of the King Harshavardhana's Kingdom as the pushyabhuti dynasty. Many of the Kshatriyas was killed by the hands of the great warrior Parshuram here itself. Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple has a design of the Mughal architecture as they are domes on the roof of the temple. The devotees worship this place with great love and faith. Kurukshetra is a holy land where there are many temples and tanks which are considered as important pilgrimage place.

People from all over the world visit this place once in their life time as they believe that all the sins are washed away here. Kurukshetra is a land of rivers and the water in the tanks of this place is considered holy water. It lies in the north eastern parts of Haryana, India. This is the land where the great epic Mahabharata was fought and is the birth place of Bhagvad Gita. This temple is at a short distance from Thanesar in Haryana.


The festival celebrated in Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple is the maha shivratri as this is the main festival of lord Shiva. During this festival the temple is decorated and people from every corner of the country visit this place to enjoy this festival.

Getting there

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Delhi which is at a distance of about 160 kilometers away from the Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple. There are taxis and buses available from airport to the destination.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is the Ambala station which is at a distance of about 40 kilometers away from Sthaneshwar Mahadev temple. There are local buses and taxis available from station to the temple.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport buses and luxury buses available from Kurukshetra to all the major cities of India. Kurukshetra is connected with all the major cities of India by the Grand trunk Road.