Thousand Light Mosque

Thousand Light Mosque, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Thousand Lights Mosque is a very well known worship place for the Muslims in Tamil Nadu. This mosque is situated on the Anna Salai road in Chennai. Thousand Lights Mosque is popular for many reasons such as its name, its architecture, its religious importance and its history. This place is located at the converting point of Anna Salai road of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Thousand Lights Mosque was built in the year 1810 this was just a hall before. The main aim of converting this hall to a mosque is that they wanted to provide a proper place to offer prayers and meet during the holy month of Muharram for the Shia Muslims. Later a holy place was built at this place and finally this place was changed into a mosque.

Thousand Lights Mosque covers an area of about 5 acres of land. The main conspicuous features of this mosque are the two tall minarets and there are 5 inward curving domes. The architecture of the mosque reflects the western Asian influence. This mosque has been renovated many times but the surrounding wall of the mosque is the same since the assembly hall is present. On the walls of the Thousand Lights Mosque quotes from the Holy Quran are inscribed. There are library and funeral ground in the premises of the mosque.

There is a main hall at the ground floor for the men to offer prayer and one of the most unique features of this mosque is that it has a separate room for the women to offer their prayers. During the holy month of Muharram this mosque is the centre of attraction for many religious activities. This very beautiful and splendid mosque is built with cream-colored and multi-domes. This mosque is named so because in ancient time once this mosque was lit with one thousand lamps. There after this mosque is named as Thousand Lights Mosque. This name is granted by the devotees. It is built in the style of the medieval architecture and has an exciting structure. There are thousands of tourists who visit this place to offer prayers and to have a look at the amazing minarets and illumination of the mosque.

Travel Route

Airways: There is a domestic as well as the international airport in Chennai. These airports are located at just 20 kilometers from the Thousand Lights Mosque and the domestic airport is well connected with all the major cities of India.

Railways: There are two main railway stations in Chennai and it is well connected through rail lines to all the major cities of India. People can hire taxis and local buses to reach the Thousand Lights Mosque as it is situated in the heart of the city.

Road Ways: This city well connected through good bus services and road transportation. This city is connected to all the major cities of India.

Thousand Lights Mosque holds an important position for the Muslims and hence they honour this place a lot.