Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary

Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary, Shirpur, Dhule, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a galore of wildlife attractions. A large number of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries have been established in the state that make the tourism sector all the more popular. Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is one of the popular sanctuaries in the state. Its location, wide range of flora and fauna and the picturesque sceneries make it a perfect destination for a family trip or friends' get together.

Learn more about this sanctuary which was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1986.

Area and Location:

It is located at Shirpur Tehsil in the Dhule district in Maharashtra. It is situated among the South-Western Satpura ranges. Many other sanctuaries are located in the same ranges. For example, the Anerdam sanctuary shares its border with Yawal sanctuary. It covers a total area of 82.94 sq km and lies near the Bombay-Agra National Highway in Shirpur Tehsil.

Flora and Fauna:

Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is a storehouse of many endangered wild animals. Although it is the refuge of Barking Deer, Myna and Purple Moorhen, you will also find other species. In the past the biodiversity of the park was too varied and rich. But acts of poaching had disturbed the ecological balance. Now steps are being taken to regain the lost status of the sanctuary. Reptiles, animals and birds- all these are in plenty. Barking Deer, Monitor Lizard, Porcupines, Wolves, Chinkaras, Hares, Jungle Cats, Hyenas, Jackals, etc. are the major faunal species.

Many residential and migratory birds will whisper the mysteries of civilization in your ears. Common resident birds are Egrets, Qualis, Partridges, Peafs, Herons, Corts, Spot Bills, Cormorants, Eagle Hamers, and Owls etc. Migratory birds include Cranes, Stokes, Brahming Ducks and many Waders.

Degraded scrub forests with small patches of wooded land are the main vegetation of the area. But you will find shrubs and grasses also. Khair, Babul, Bel, Dhawda, Hiwar, Salaia, Palas and Terminenalia species are the commonly found trees. The area also has shrubs like Zizphus Helicteres Isora, Vitex Nigundo, Casia Auriculata, Solanium Giganteum and Lantna and grasses that are locally named as Bhuri, Rosa, Kusal, Sheda, Kunda and Kusali.

When to visit?

The weather remains pleasant and predictable during the months between November and February. So plan your tour accordingly.

Transport Information:

The nearest airport is at Aurangabad that is 315 km away from the sanctuary.

For passengers preferring train journeys, the nearest rail station is Nardona that is 40 km on Western Railway and Chailsgaon and 125 km on Mumbai-Bhuswal road.

The nearest town is Shirpur that is only 15 km away; the nearest city is Dhule that is 70 km away. These 2 places are connected with regular bus routes.

The lush green surroundings of the place will take your breath away. Anerdam wildlife sanctuary is ideal for the wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and any traveler who loves to explore.