Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary

Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary, Jammu

Although Jammu is known as the city of temples, there is much more to see and do in this beautiful land. The picturesque setting of Jammu is enough to draw travelers throughout the year. Nonetheless it has many temples, architectural wonders, parks and wildlife sanctuaries that add an important dimension to Jammu. Jasrota wildlife sanctuary is one such tourist attraction that is marked for its beauty and the richness of flora and fauna. The River Ujh adds to the beauty and charm of the water. You will really feel refreshed watching the rippling water of the river and the sunrays falling on the water.


Jasrota Wildlife Sanctuary


This sanctuary has derived its name from the name of village Jasrota in Jammu.

Area and location:

This is a small sanctuary that covers an area of 10.04 sq. km. It is located 63 km away from Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir. Situated in the north of the village Jasrota, this sanctuaruy is flanked by the River Ujh.

Main attractions:

Although this is a very small park, the vegetation of the park is noticeable. It is predominantly covered by bamboo plantations. Species like Acacia Catechu A.Arabica, Dalbergia Sissoo, and Lannea Grandis and shrubs like Lantana camara, Carisa spinarum and Dodonea Visacosa can be found in the park.

The Jasrota wildlife sanctuary houses a number of mammals like wild boar, rhesus monkey, Cheetal, Barking deer, etc. A view of the beautiful range of winged birds like peafowl, jungle bush quail, green pigeon, red jungle fowl, blue rock pigeon will make your trip all the more nice and enjoyable.

Best time to visit:

The climate of the park remains pleasant throughout the year. That is why there is a wide range of flora and fauna. September to March remains the best time to view the animal world; whereas for the bird lovers, March to May is the ideal time.


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How to reach the park?

Jammu is the nearest airport that is located at a distance of 65 km from the park. Jammu again is the nearest railhead that is 63 km away from the sanctuary. Regular buses ply from Srinagar to the wildlife sanctuary and the journey is really very comfortable.

What else do you get?

Various attractions in Jammu like Vaishno Devi Mandir, Amaranth, Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, Mansar Lake, Peer Kho Cave, etc. can be added dose to your trip. So if you plan a trip to the sanctuary, take some time to visit some of these. At the end of your journey you will say "Oh! What an adventure holiday we had."

Visiting the park and experiencing its serene ecosystem can be a privilege for any traveler. So take some time out of your mundane hurries of life and enjoy pure beauty with the wildlife habitat of Jasrota wildlife sanctuary.