Keibul Lam Jeo National Park

Keibul Lam Jeo National Park, Manipur

India is the abode of more than 500 beautiful national parks, wonderful wildlife sanctuaries and diverse bird reserves. The north-east part of India which is the land of "seven sisters" also exhibits many sanctuaries and national parks. Keibul Lam Jeo National Park in Manipur is such a beautiful park that is marked as the home of graceful deer having curved antlers.

Blue hills, green rolling plains, dense forests, fast-flowing rivers, picturesque valleys and the traditional folk dance remind us of the beautiful state of Manipur in north-eastern India. Manipur is the land of jewels. Along with other tourist attractions, the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks also deserve special attention. These contribute much in the development of the booming tourism industry of the state. Keibul Lam Jeo National Park, probably the only floating national park of the world is an abode of many endangered species.

Declared as a national park in the year 1954, this park is an abode of the Sangai or Manipur Brow. At that time the numbers of the local Sangai decreased alarmingly. So the need of protecting those led to the foundation of the park. In the past this park used to be the hunting ground for the water fowls. Other than the rich variety of flora and fauna, the picturesque setting of the park is its most attractive feature.

Area and location:

This is a very small park that spreads over only 40 sq. km. The park is located 32 km away from Imphal, the capital city of Manipur.

Main attractions:

The main attraction of the park is the brow-antlered deer. These deer with curved antlers really look attractive. One of the interesting facts about the Sangai is that it lives on the floating vegetation of the Loktak Lake in Moirang district. Many species thrive on this fresh water lake and among those the Sangai are also one.

Best time to visit:

The months between December and May are the ideal time to visit this national park.


For a comfortable stay you can prefer the Government Rest House or the Tourist Lodge. If you stay in Imphal, you can check in hotels such as- Hotel Krishna in the Pologround Road, Hotel Excellency in the Airpoart Road, Anand Continental In Khoyatong Road, Hotel Nirmala, Hotel Imphal, etc.

How to reach the park?

    By rail: Dimapur is the nearest railhead which is located at a distance of 229 km. After reaching Dimapur, you have to travel by road to reach the park.

    By road: Imphal is situated 32 km away from the park. So it is very easy to travel from Imphal. You can take your own vehicle, rent a car or avail public transport.

    By air: The nearest airport is also at Imphal.

For an experience of a lifetime you should surely visit Keibul Lam Jeo National Park. Its unusual wilderness and panoramic settings would not make your trip unworthy of anything- time, money or energy.