Kishanpur Sanctuary

Kishanpur Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh

India is the land of beauty and diversity. That is why it is considered as a premier holiday destination all over the world. Many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of the country play a vital role in making India very popular in the global map. Uttar Pradesh is one state that has a large number of parks and sanctuaries. The vivid climate of the state is favorable for the survival of many endangered wild species. Kishanpur sanctuary is a popular sanctuary that houses many rare species and diversified flora.

Swamp Deer, Indian wildlife

Kishanpur Sanctuary

Wildlife of U. P.: The state is marked by a variety of flora and fauna. You can find tiger, elephants, deer, antelopes, cats, etc. The bird species include Saras Cranes, Great Indian Horned-owl, Painted Storks, colorful woodpeckers, Black and White-necked Storks Jungle Owlet, Barbets, Kingfishers, Minivans, Bee-eaters and Bulbuls. Dudhwa National Park is the largest wildlife reserve.

Here follows a brief description about the Kishanpur Sanctuary:

Area and location:

Established in the year 1972, the park spreads over 227 sq. km. The area is covered by terai forests and green open meadows. It is located in Kishanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Main attractions:

The Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve that is located near Mailani. It has an amazing range of flora and fauna. Most commonly found faunal species include Tiger, Leopard, Hog Deer, Bengal Florican, Barking Deer, Swamp Deer, Lesser Florican, Gharial, Wild Boar, etc.

Best time to visit:

There is no ideal time to visit the sanctuary. The temperate, weather of the region allows the visitors to watch the animal kingdom throughout the year.

How to reach the park?

  • Mailani, 3 km on the North-Eastern Railway's metre gauge section is the nearest railhead
  • Mailani and Kishanpur are well connected by road to all the major cities in Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow, the state capital is only 200 km away from Mailani. Mailani is well connected with Bareilly, Lakhimpur-Kheri and other areas also.
  • Lucknow is the nearest airport

What else do you get?

Dudhwa national park is the nearby attraction. It is located in Terai of Uttar Pradesh. Hog deer and elephants are the main attractions of the national park. Frog Temple and surat bhawan palace are also interesting spots. You can go for elephant rides that are very common in the nearby areas.

Interesting fact:

The Kishanpur Sanctuary is one of the important attractions in Uttar Pradesh. It had hit the headlines with the Tiger Scare event. Usually many tigers prowl around the village Kamptanda near the sanctuary. Once a tiger killed three children in the village. The environmentalists and experts like Jaswant Singh Kaler were of the view that tigers are unable to get sufficient food from the sanctuary and hence looked for food from the village.

If you are an adventure lover or wildlife enthusiast, then you must pay a visit to the Kishanpur Sanctuary. Enjoy a trip with your family in the beautiful world and collect memories of a lifetime.