Madhav (Shivpuri) National Park

Madhav (Shivpuri) National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Madhav (Shivpuri) National Park, earlier known as the Madhya Bharat National Park is one of the most renowned national parks in India. It offers abundant opportunities to the wildlife buffs. Located in the historical city of Madhya Pradesh this park has become one of the important tourist attractions in India.


Established in the year 1958 at the time of Madhya Pradesh's creation, the park received its present name one year later in 1959. Originally a private game preserve of the rulers of Gwalior, this park now enjoys protection under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park

Area and location:

It covers a total area of 156sq km. situated about 110 km south of the city of Gwalior on the Bombay-Agra Road, this park draws many tourists from Central India and other parts of the country as well. The interspersed hills and valleys of the Vindhya Range of mountains make the park look more attractive.

Main attractions:

The main attraction of this park is tigers which are bred in captivity in protected zone and then released for a definite time to wander around the park. Other animals are jackals, sloth bears, crocodiles, jungle cats, leopards, striped hyenas, chitals, sambhar, langurs, nilgais, four-horned, blackbuck, etc.

Ducks, falcons, purple sunbirds, bar-headed geese, painted storks, paradise flycatchers, falcons, golden orioles, etc. are the avian inhabitants of this park. These birds can be watched near the lake Sakhya Sagar frequently where you can enjoy boating also.

Best time to visit:

If you want to visit the park at a time when it experiences the moderate temperature, then the months like June and March will be the best. Shivpuri park faces hot summer in the months of April to June, it get drenched in rains during July to August and the winter months run from October to March.

If you love sunny days, you can visit during the winters. But try to avoid the rainy monsoon season.

Getting around the park:

If you think that there is no place of tourist attraction near the park, we would like to prove you wrong. One of the famous tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh is Bhaidya Kund. The mineral water of this Kund is believed to be very pure and have healing properties. The heritage village town called Chanderi which is renowned for the sari weaving community of Chanderi is 127 km away from the park.

Another sanctuary which would provide a delightful experience to the bird watchers is Karera Bird Sanctuary. This is located only 45 km away from Shivpuri. So it would be a double treat for the adventure freaks.


If you stay in Gwalior, you can go for a one-day trip to the park. Gwalior houses many hotels that can suit the budget of every traveler. Otherwise there are many clubs and hotels that are managed by the State Tourism Development Corporation where you can accommodate easily. Tourist Village and the Chinkara Motel are good places for accommodation.

How to reach the park?

You can reach the park by air, railway or road. If you want to travel by train, the nearest rail junction is Jhansi. This is one hundred km away from the park. You can travel to Jhansi from any major city of the country, because it is well connected to the major cities.

Gwalior is the nearest airport. This is 112 km away from the park. Again this is connected to the major cities like Bhopal, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. So you can easily travel to the park by taking a rented car or other vehicle.

Now if you like to travel to the park by road, then take refuge to the State Transport Corporation or private buses. So traveling from the adjoining cities like Jhansi, Bhopal, Ujjain, Gwalior, Indore etc. becomes easy.

Some tips:

  • As this park is situated very far from the adjoining cities, so it is better to take all the necessary items like a medical kit, one pair of sandals, dress, extra batteries for cameras, snacks, water bottles, etc.
  • If you want to have the best experience in the park, then go for a jeep tour. You can hire jeeps from there.

Madhav (Shivpuri) National Park boasts of a wide range of wildlife. So embark on an unusual journey to this park and satisfy your urge for knowledge to some extent.