Manjira Bird Sanctuary

Manjira Bird Sanctuary

Andhra Pradesh is a popular name in the tourism sector in India. Andhra Pradesh tourism is rapidly growing. One of the most popular areas of tourism are the national parks and sanctuaries. Manjira bird sanctuary, housing a large number of resident and migratory birds is a paradise for the bird lovers.

The sanctuary was established in the year 1978 with the main aim of preserving the eco system of the region. It is very interesting to note that ornithologist view the sanctuary as an important area that facilitates education on preservation of wildlife and maintenance of ecological balance. There is an environmental education center with a museum, a library and an auditorium that can give you an additional dose of fun and entertainment.

Marsh Crocodile

Manjira Bird Sanctuary


The beautiful name "manjira" is derived from the name of the Manjira River which flows along the sanctuary. Innocent birds satisfy their thirst from this river.

Area and Location:

Covering a total area of 3,568 sq km, the sanctuary is located in Medak District almost 50 km away from Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. It is located near Sanga reddy. Nine small islands between the Singur and Manjira barrages form the area of the bird sanctuary.

Main Attractions:

The flora of the park is not diversified. Extensive growth of Babul Prosopis is surely noticeable. Plants commonly found in water are Pistia, Hydrilla, Eichornia and Vallisneria.

Invertebrates such as Mollusis, Zoo Plankton and Prawns and fishes like Catla, Murrel, Rahu, Karugu, Chidwa, Ech Paten can be easily noticed in the Manjira bird sanctuary. You will also find reptiles like fresh water turtles, marsh crocodiles, monitor lizards, etc.

Birds like Spoon Bills, Coots, Black And White Ibises, Painted Storks, Pochards, Open Billed Storks, Herons, are the center of attraction here.

Best time to visit:

October to July remains the best period to visit the park. The climate remains moderate during this time. So you can visit the park without any worry.


You can accommodate in some rest houses or hotels in the nearest Town Macherla (29 km) in Medak district or in Hyderabad.

How to reach the park?

  • Reaching the park is not a problem. The nearest railway station is at Hyderabad that is 150 km away from the park.
  • As mentioned earlier, the nearest town is Macherla that is connected to the capital city. Medak town is also well connected to all the major cities in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Frequent buses ply from Hyderabad, Nizamabad and Karimnagar. If you are in some other state, you can travel to Hyderabad and then reach the park.

You can go for boat riding in order to watch the various species of birds. From amazing flora and fauna to rich educational session- a trip to Manjira bird sanctuary would surely be pleasant and fruitful.