Porbandar Bird Sanctuary

Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Porbandar, Gujarat

If you are keen on travelling to the beautiful state named Gujarat, let us tell you that there are a lot to do and see in the state. Temples, monuments, forests, hill stations, all these are in plenty in Gujarat. There are a number of parks and sanctuaries that will drive you crazy. Wild animals and birds attract tourists, ornithologists, environmentalists, school children and botanists. Porbandar bird sanctuary is a noted bird sanctuary in the state.

This is the only bird sanctuary in the state. It provides all the legal protection to varied species of birds who find refuge here. If you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life, then rush away to this bird sanctuary where the chirping of the winged creatures will provide you with your much-needed relaxation.

The beauty of the lake cannot be described in words. A large lake inside the sanctuary also lends charm to it. Many beautiful and innocent birds come here.


Porbandar is the famous birth place of Mahatma Gandhi, known as the 'Father of the Nation' in India. He was a freedom fighter, a writer and a great human being. Because of its location, the sanctuary has derived its name from the name of this city.

Area and location:

It spreads over an area of 1 sq km. This is a small sanctuary which is located in the heart of Porbandar city.

Main attractions:

The main attraction of the park is the considerable population of Flamingoes and migratory waterfowl. It has a perennial water resource. The water is saline because of the salinity of the land.

The main bird population consists of Pelicans, Avocet, Coot, Flamingoes, Little Cormorants, Little Grebe, Shoveller, Red Shank, Whisting Teal, Heron, Egret, Tern, Tern, Jacanas, Ruff, Spoonbill, Pintail, Ibis, Gull, etc.

It is to be noted that the vegetation of the sanctuary is not very diverse. It is really unfortunate to say that you would not find any emergent vegetation over here. Here and there you might find some trees that are planted by the Forest Department.

Best time to visit:

The climate of the sanctuary remains temperate during most of the time. Summer becomes too hot sometimes. Keeping this in view, you can visit the sanctuary during October to March. During this time you can watch the maximum number of bird population- both residential and migratory.


There are a number of good hotels in Porbandar. You will find hotels like Hotel Indraprasth, Hotel Kuber, Hotel Nataraj, New Oceanic Hotel, Kaveri International Hotel, etc. that offer you good accommodation facilities.

How to reach the park?

The nearest airport is Porbandar that is 5 km away from the sanctuary.

Porbandar is also the nearest railway station.

The sanctuary is well connected with all other cities of Gujarat. So you can take private coaches, A/C, Non A/C coaches from other states also. Otherwise you can hire taxis, cabs, autos and buses to the sanctuary.

What else do you get?

While in Porbandar, you can watch a lot of other attractions except the wildlife sanctuaries. Historical monuments, museums, beaches in the city will attract you. Porbandar Beach, Bahrat Mandir, Sudama Mandir, Rokadia Hanuman Temple, Tara Mandir, Huzoor Palace, Nehru Planetarium, Rana Bapu's Mahal, Kamla Nehru Park, etc are really worth a visit.

If you want to visit the Porbandar sanctuary, then make a plan of 2 days so that you can visit all these places also.

Besides the wild animals and birds in Porbandar bird sanctuary, you will get something which is really valuable. You will get peace of mind. The un-agitated atmosphere, the undisturbed ambience and the unspoilt beauty of the surroundings will make you reconnect with Mother Nature.