Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, Tripura

Tripura is one of those laid back states in the north-eastern part of India whose unspoiled beauty draws thousands of tourists from all over the country. The rich culture, fairs and festivals of the place is quite attractive. Tourist places like Ujjayanta Palace, Neermahal, Tripurasundari Temple, Unakoti, Jampui etc. are some of the important attractions. The wildlife conservation of the state also contributes to Tripura tourism. Rowa wildlife sanctuary is one such destination where people throng over to get some relaxation and breathe fresh air.

Although small in size, Rowa sanctuary deserves special mention. A good number of birds and wild animals are found in the sanctuary. You can plan a visit to this beautiful sanctuary that abounds in nature's bounties.


The sanctuary has an interesting history. The site of the present day Rowa sanctuary was chosen for having only tall trees with thick undergrowth that was tirelessly protected by some tribal families who were known as 'Khasi'. These Khasi tribes used to cultivate 'pan', i.e. betel leaves. This area was also common as the perching place for a multitude of birds.

After these tribes left this area the forest department took over the area. The area was fenced and staffs were posted to manage it. Thus this wildlife sanctuary came into existence.

Area and location:

It is located in the Northern District of Tripura. It encompasses an area of 85'85 hectares, almost 18 sq km. It is a small sanctuary that can be approached from Panisagar. It is situated at a place that is not far away from the National Highway no 44.

It is situated at a distance of 100 km away from Agartala, the state capital.

Main attractions:

The forest is rich in natural vegetation and wild animals. You will find various plants such as treat fodders, fruit producing trees, medicinal & aromatic trees, oil-seed producing trees, spices & orchids and other ornamental plants. The faunal species are also important. You will be enthralled to notice all these species. Although the main attractions are the birds, you will find other animals and primates also.

Best time to visit:

You will able to visit the sanctuary almost throughout the year. The weather is very pleasant during the winters; and the summers are generally hot and humid.


Panisagar Tourist Lodge is the best place for accommodation which is located near the sanctuary.

How to reach the park?

The nearest airport is at Agartala. From Agartala you can take buses.

As mentioned above, the sanctuary can be accessed from Panisagar which is about 180 km away from Agartala.

Agartala Railway Station is the nearest railway station which is situated in Badharghat.

What else do you get?

Along with visiting the sanctuary, you can also travel a little further and explore the beautiful Jampui Hills, Unakoti Laxmi-Narayan Temple. The rock carving and temples which are 8th century old will unnerve you. The highest point of the state "Betling Chip" lies in the Jampui range which is 939 meters high. Climb to such height and feel at the top of the world. The tranquility of the gently-flowing rivers like Longai and Juri will bless you with a refreshing mind.

Rowa wildlife sanctuary is of utmost importance to the ornithologists, educationists, botanists and students. It is equally interesting to the young and old alike. A visit to such a destination is perfect for the eco-tourists. So plan a visit to this sanctuary and enjoy the calm atmosphere along with the hisses, barks, mewing, chirping etc. of the animal kingdom.