Sanjay/Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary

Sanjay/Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh

Sanjay /Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important national parks in India and one of the major tourist attractions in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Dubri is an important tourist destination around 55 km from Sidhi, a District of Madhya Pradesh. Sanjay /Dubri Wildlife sSanctuary plays an important role in imparting Dubri the tourist importance.

The Sanctuary also ensures its place among the list of important wildlife projects in India. A visit to the Sanjay /Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed an enlivening experience for the tourists as they can get the first hand experience of the rare wildlife of the residing in the forests of Dubri.


The Sanctuary is spread over a sprawling area of 365 sq. km. It was established in 1975 under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972.The variations in the geological structures in the National Park offer various types of animals a safe habitat.


As regards the flora of the sanctuary, Sal, Tendu, Saja, Haldu and Dhawda can be mentioned as the important members.


Among the main species of animals found here are Panther, Tiger, Nilgai, Gaur, Beer and Cheetal. It's a treat to watch these animals in their natural habitat. These animals are found in the forests in plenty and this is the reason why the Sanjay Dubri wildlife Sanctuary has always been an irresistible temptation for tourists, students of botany and zoology and wildlife photographers.

Moreover various species of birds too are found here in plenty, both domestic as well migratory.

Winters are Beautiful:

Winter transforms the forest of Dubri into a consummate beauty. Thousands of colorful birds are seen here in plenty especially during winters. Twittering and chirping of this avian army is all pervasive in the surroundings of the forest. Dawn or the dusk is the best time to spot out the birds.

Jungle Safaris:

Interestingly, you can enjoy the thrilling jungle safari here. The sanctuary authorities have made special arrangements of wheeled petrol or diesel vehicles. Due care is taken during these safaris so that wildlife should not get disturbed due to human interference.

Best Time to Visit:

November to March is the best time to visit the Sanjay Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary as the beauty of the forest is at its peak during these months. June to October is the time of monsoon in India and during this period the sanctuary remains closed due to safety reasons.

Transport Information:

The nearest railway station from the Sanctuary is Rewa.

Banaras Airport in Uttar Pradesh is the nearest airport from here.

Sanjay Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary is well connected by roads to all the important cities in Madhya Pradesh and tourists can enjoy wonderful drives on these well built roads. It is indeed a great experience to spend some of the very special moments of your life away from the humdrum hubbub of mundane hurries and worries.

A visit to the Sanjay /Dubri Wildlife Sanctuary is indeed a nice trip. Plan your trip and move one step forward in your 'Mission Exploration of India.'