Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary

Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Rajasthan is truly an incredible tourist destination in India. North-west Indian state Rajasthan is remarkable for its rich culture and heritage, safaris, sand dunes, palaces, lakes, lush forests and the abundant flora and fauna. Whether you want to take a tiger trail in the lush forests, unravel the mystery of Jantar Mantar, get carried away by the unending deserts, take a glimpse of Indian history while visiting the royal palaces, etc. you will equally be welcomed everywhere. While discussing about tourist spots, Sariska wildlife sanctuary deserves special mention.

There are a considerable number of national parks and sanctuaries in the state. Ranthambore national park, Keoladeo Ghana or Bharatpur National Park, Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary, Desert national park, etc. are some of the well known sanctuaries and parks. The vast size, varied vegetation and latitudinal variations of the state create an environment that is suitable for the growth of floral species and survival of faunal species.

Sariska sanctuary is known as Sariska national park or Sariska bird sanctuary because of its richness of wildlife. Here follows a brief description about the sanctuary:


The region of Sariska was once the hunting ground of the Alwar royals. But today it is a national park which is visited by people from all over India. It was established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1958. It became a tiger reserve under 'Project Tiger' in 1979.

Area and location:

Encompassing a total area of 800 sq. km, the sanctuary has the core area of 480 sq. km. It is larger than Ranthambore tiger reserve but is less commercialized. Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan its scenic beauty is really incredible. The northern Aravalli hills at the backdrop of the sanctuary forms a breathtaking landscape of hilly terrains and narrow valleys.

Main attractions:

Dry deciduous forests, scrub-thorn arid forests and grasses are the main vegetation of the Sariska wildlife sanctuary. This vegetation is the source of survival of a wide variety of wild animals. The faunal species include wild dog, hyena, leopard, tiger, jackal, jungle cat, sambar, Nilgai, wild boar, langur, rhesus monkey, chital, chausingha, barking deer, wild boar, etc.

Bird watching is pursued in this paradise. A considerable number of residential and migratory birds can be found here. Collared Scops Owl, Tawny-bellied Babbler, Common Coot, Painted Spurfowl, Greenish Warbler, Blue-breasted Quail, Asian Pied Starling, Common Myna, Brahminy Starling, Chestnut-tailed Starling, Temminck's Stint, Spotted Owlet, Common Redshank, Wood Sandpiper, Jungle Bush Quail, Great White Pelican, Baya Weaver, Inornate Warbler, Common Tailorbird, Mottled Wood Owl, etc. are the avifauna species.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit this sanctuary is from November to March. The period between April and August is best for viewing wildlife in summer.


You can accommodate in Sariska Palace, Welcome Heritage Property, Hotel Amanbagh in village Thana Ghazi. There are a number of budget and luxury hotels in Jaipur.

How to reach the park?

The nearest airport is Jaipur which is connected to Delhi, Kolkata, etc. It is located at a distance of 110 km. Alwar at a distance of 35 km is the nearest railhead. If you are in Delhi you can board the Jaipur-Delhi Express. The sanctuary is almost 4 hours from Delhi, 1 hour from Alwar and 2 hours from Jaipur. It is a 3 hour journey via the Daruhera - Alwar - Sariska route. Alwar is well connected with the surrounding areas.

Exciting adventure:

While in this sanctuary, you can't miss a chance for tiger sighting, jeep safari, jeep ride through Aravalli Ranges, elephant safari, temple trail, etc. While going for a jungle safari, indulge in the pleasure of watching some endangered species of herbivores.

Bird watching would be a privilege for you. Trekking on the rugged hills and exploring the nearby area from height would just spice up your journey. You can visit the barren hills which are spotted with ruined temples and forts. Kankawadi fort is one of these. The Sariska tiger reserve is also worth a watch.

So come to this land of hunt. Pleasurable routes, exciting journey, sensuous safari mingled with a wide variety of flora and fauna- embark on an out-of-the-world journey to the Sariska wildlife sanctuary. Refresh your body and mind amidst the thick bushes, lush greeneries, roars and cries of the jungles.