Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Bharuch, Gujarat

"Aavo Padharo", as the people of Gujarat welcome you to their land, you will find a number of beautiful places, ancient cave and cave paintings, architectures structures endowed with religious significance. Amongst all these, the dense forests, deep valleys, rivers and rivulets, waterfalls, etc. carry much significance that heightens the beauty of the state. Gujarat houses a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks also. The richness of wildlife in Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary will enthrall you.


This sanctuary was first established under the name of Dumkhal sanctuary in the year 1982. At that time, it encompassed an area of 150.87 sq km. After that it was extended to 607.71 sq. km in 1987. It was in 1989 that the sanctuary was renamed as Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary.

Area and location:

The sanctuary is situated in Bharuch district at a distance of 125 km away from Vadodora. It covers an area of 607.71 sq. km. It stretches for long aside the brackish water reserves in the state.

Main attractions:

The Shoolpaneshwar wildlife sanctuary houses a number of exotic floral and faunal species. It is marked for the richness of its biodiversity. The forests of the area are some of the densest forests in the state. Semi-evergreen deciduous forests and moist deciduous forests are the main vegetation of the area. The forests will surely satisfy your aesthetic senses. Teak is the primary plant species and patches of bamboo are seen in the western and north-western areas.

Apart from all these you will find Amla, Haldu, Sadad, Bor, Timru, Aritha, Mahuda, Tanach, Bamboo, Karanj, etc. There are almost 575 species of flowering plants that provide scenic beauty to the sanctuary. Besides, these are also instrumental in conserving the soil and water of the area.

Avifauna species, mammal and reptiles are the faunal attraction here. Sloth bear with its auburn shaggy fur, Rhesus monkey, leopards, wild dogs, barking deer, heynas, large flying squirrel, etc. will keep you occupied during your stay in the sanctuary.

When to visit?

The climatic is pleasant during the months of October to March.

Where to stay?

You can look for PWD and Panchayat Guesthouses that offer basic accommodation facilities. Otherwise there are budget and luxury hotels in Vadodara. The Hotel Airport at the Airport Area, Sayaji at Sayajigang, Jal Sagar at Sayajigang, Express Residency at Alkapuri, Surya Palace in Sayajigang, Presidency Towers at Alkapuri are some of the best hotels in the city.

Transport information:

The nearest railway station is Bharuch. The railway station of Ankleswar is 60 km away from the park.

Vadodara is the nearest airport.

If you want to travel by road then you can take private vehicle or public buses. Regular buses ply from Bharuch, Chanod, Rajpipla and Dabhoi. You can hire a taxi or other vehicle in order to reach the Sardar Sarovar Dam site.

The Narmada District is marked for its scenic beauty and pristine natural settings. The route to the Shoolpaneshwar sanctuary in the Narmada district is a beauty in itself. Natural beauty mingled with the wild life style of the animal kingdom will offer you much for a holiday trip.