Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary, Thane, Maharashtra

Are you fond of wildlife? Do the roars of Tigers and Lions, shrill cries of Hyenas, chattering of Monkeys, chirping of Crickets, etc. baffle you? Then you must explore the rich biodiversity of Maharashtra. Maharashtra in the western part of India is a state that has a number of tourist attractions. Among all those, wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks deserve special mention. Tansa wildlife sanctuary in the Thane district that is not far away from Mumbai, is a popular holiday destination.


The sanctuary is named after the beautiful lake Tansa. The lake is located in the Konkan region. This lake is the perennial source of water to the wild animals of the sanctuary.

Area and location:

The sanctuary encompasses a total area of 320 sq km. It is located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, India. It is situated at a distance of 90 km from Mumbai, 'the financial capital of India'. It covers areas from Shahapur, Mokhada and Wada Talukas, all of which are part of the Thane district.

The area of the Tansa Lake and the sanctuary provides much to the visitors. The perennial beauty of the region adds to the popularity of the sanctuary.

Flora and Fauna:

The Tansa wildlife sanctuary provides a lot to the visitors. The rich vegetation of the area is really remarkable. As the lake is the perennial source of water in the sanctuary, you will find rich vegetation that is mostly tropical moist deciduous vegetation. Some prominent species of trees are Hed, Teak, Bamboo, Bible, Ain, Khair, Kalamb, etc. Around 50 species of animals are found in the sanctuary. These are Jackal, four-horned Antelope, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Common Langur, Leopard, Hyena, Mouse Deer, Sambar, Panther, Chital, etc.

Where to stay?

There are many budget and luxury hotels in Thane and Mumbai.

When to visit?

The weather remains predictable during the months of November to May. So you can plan your tour accordingly.

Transport Information:

Atgaon is the closest railway station. Mumbai at a distance of 90 km is the nearest airport. The area of the sanctuary is well connected by road to all the major places in the state.

Some extra dose:

There are many places nearby the sanctuary that can add spice to your trip. Fort of Mahuli, Mahadeo Temple, Plateau of Suryamal, etc. are the major attractions.

So Tansa wildlife sanctuary with its rich biodiversity would not bore the traveler in any way.