Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary, Gujarat

Gujarat boasts of some truly attractive tourist places in India. Temples, beaches, parks, sanctuaries, vibrant markets - what is not there in Gujarat? This state in the west coast of the country has amazing wildlife sanctuaries and national park that can allure any tourist. Thol wildlife sanctuary is considered as one of the best bird watching sanctuaries in India. As such many tourists come here to view the winged creatures who with their unique ability to fly have always attracted the human world.


Rich flora and fauna in Gujarat:

Gujarat is marked for its wildlife and rich vegetation. Dry deciduous forests, wetland, marine ecosystem and moist deciduous problem have made the place perfect for the wildlife habitat. A wide range of rare animals like Wild Ass, Four-Horned Antelope, Asiatic Lion, Great Indian Bustard, etc. are preserved by the various sanctuaries to protect the creatures from the threat of extinction. Gir National Park, Black Buck National Park, Wild Ass Sanctuary and Marine National Park are the most popular parks and sanctuaries in the state.

Here follows a brief detail about the Thol wildlife sanctuary that can help you in planning your trip:

About the park:

The sanctuary is actually a man-made shallow water reservoir built in the year 1912. It has a water storage capacity of 84,000,000 m and a catchment area of 153 sq km. It became very popular as a bird watching point and was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in November 1988 under Sec. 18 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Area and location:

This park is located at a distance of 40 km from Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat. It is in the Mehsana district in north Gujarat. Kadi, a Taluka headquarters of the district is 14 miles away from the sanctuary.

The park covers an area of 7 sq km. The Thol Lake lends charm and beauty to the park. Thus this domicile is noticeable for the scenic beauty also. At every corner of the park, you would find Mother Nature embracing you with her graces.

Main attractions:

The Thol wildlife sanctuary was established to create a natural habitat for the beautiful water birds. Watching the water birds living peacefully in this natural habitat will surely refresh you.

The flora of the park mainly consists of scrub land, crop land and fallow land. These scrub forests are ideal for the migratory birds like waders and waterfowls.

The White Pelicans, Mallards, Greylag Cheese, Old Spotted Flycatchers, Flamingoes, Saras Crane, Eurasean Curlews, Wildfowls, Flamingos, Grey Pelicans, Black Ibis and a profusion of other wetland birds will simply amaze you. The park is not only a paradise for the bird lover, but for any person who loves to explore Nature. These winged creatures find refuge in this place and it really becomes a pleasure to view them in their own world.

Best time to visit:

During winter the sanctuary is the temporary sojourn of many migratory birds. Thus it would be better if you visit the park during the months between October and March.


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How to reach the park?

  • By Rail: Ahmedabad, the capital city is the nearest railway head.

  • By Air: The capital city is also the largest airport.

  • By Road: You can travel to the park easily from Ahmedabad, 40 km away. Ahmedabad is well connected to all the major cities in the country. State and private buses are available.

What else do you get?

If you want to visit some nearby places, there are a lot of options for that. Langhanaj locality and Rani Udaymati Vav in Mehsana district and Jama Masjid, Narayan Temple, Kankaria Lake and Lothal in Ahmedabad are some of the most interesting spots.

Often termed as ornithologist's paradise, the Thol wildlife sanctuary is the most popular destination after the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary. It will provide you one-of-a kind experience.