Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary, Angul, Orissa

Are you thinking of a vacation getaway? You must be planning to visit some beach, hill station or historical place. Have you ever thought of holidaying in a wildlife sanctuary where the sound and sights of wild animals will keep you occupied? The national parks and sanctuaries in India are places that are truly worth a visit. Orissa is a galore of wildlife attractions that draw visitors from every nook and corner of the country. Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary is one of the significant sanctuaries in the state.

This sanctuary is marked for the beauty of its surroundings and diversity of wildlife. It encloses the mighty Satkosia Gorge where the Mahanadi River plunges into the Eastern Ghats and this adds to the picturesque beauty of the sanctuary.

Take a chance to know about this sanctuary before paying a visit to the same:


The name of the sanctuary is derived from the name of town Tikarpada. Tikarpada is a small wonderful town located on the banks of Mahanadi.


The main attraction of the region is Gharials. The sanctuary was established in order to preserve these endangered species. The ecosystem of Mahanadi was perfect for the survival of these animals and so the attempt was made to reintroduce the Gharial to this befitting environment.

Area and location:

The sanctuary encompasses a total area of 795.52 sq km. It is one of the largest sanctuaries in the state and is located in the Angul district, that is almost 160 km from Bhubaneswar, the capital city. The location of the sanctuary along the banks of Mahanadi River adds to its popularity. The river cuts through a considerable distance of 22 km of the different colored vast collage of Sal trees and lend the place a heavenly look.

Main attractions:

You can watch a number of Gharials and other animals in the Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary which is also known as the Gharial sanctuary. Catching a sight of snakes, crocodiles and fresh water turtles would surely be a privilege. You might sometimes get a glimpse of tigers which inhabited the sanctuary in considerable number in the past. Other faunal species include Indian adjutant stroke, Indian pitta, rhesus macaques, elephants, leopards, wild cats, spotted deer, pangolins and red jungle fowl. A number of migratory birds can be found here. So bird watching in this sanctuary becomes the favorite pass time of many.

Many effective steps are taken to preserve the endangered species of crocodiles in Tikarpada. The Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is actively involved in this project.

When to visit?

The best time to visit the sanctuary is from December to April.

Where to stay?

There is a forest lodge located within the forest area. You can opt for camping in the forest lodge, but for that you have to take the permission of the Forest Office well in advance. Otherwise you can choose from the budget, heritage and luxury hotels in Tikarpada.

How to reach the park?

Tikarpada is 58 km from Angul and 120 km from Dhenkanal. So you can go for private coaches from these places.

Bhubaneswar at a distance of 160 km is the nearest airport. It is connected with New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, etc.

The nearest railway station is Angul.

Exciting activities:

Unlike many other sanctuaries you will find a lot to do in this sanctuary. Some of the most exciting activities that will refresh your soul and body are white water rafting, fish angling, boating and trekking through the lush forests.

Visiting some more places:

There are a good number of tourist spots near the sanctuary. The first one is Satkosia George sanctuary, which is just 1 hour drive from Tikarpada sanctuary. If you are planning for a family picnic, then you can opt for Saptasajya that is a famous picnic spot. From there you can easily visit the Saptarshi and Raghunath Temples.

A trip to Tikarpada wildlife sanctuary would be full of fun and enthusiasm. Sight-seeing, activities, camping and above all the wildlife will make your journey memorable.