Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Pandarkawada, Yavatmal, Vidarbha, Maharashtra

Tourism is an important factor contributing to the popularity of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Among all tourist attractions, national parks and sanctuaries acquire a significant position. These parks and sanctuaries provide refuge to rare species and also help in retaining the ecological balance of the environment. Tipeshwar sanctuary is one of the well-known sanctuaries in the state that is marked for its undulating landscapes and wildlife diversity. Know more about the biodiversity of the sanctuary and then plan a tour:

Area and Location:

It covers an area of 148.63 sq km. This is located at Pandarkawada Tehsil, in the district of Yavatmal in Vidarbha.

Flora and Fauna:

Tipeshwar sanctuary is set in a hilly region. So it features different types of vegetation in the different parts. Many villages surround the sanctuary and thus there is constant conflict between human and animal interests. Villagers want their undue share from timber, bamboo, firewood and MFP collection.

You will also find mangrove forests, shrubs and rare species of trees. These plants are very significant as they act against soil erosion and their roots trace elements found floating near them. The region is watered by many rivers like Krishna, Purna, Bhima, Tapti, etc. So it features a rich plantation. The area was actually a basalt area formed by the explosion of lava almost a century back.

Chital, Black buck, Hyena, Jackal, Wild boar, Sambar, Monkey, Blue bull, Peacock, Wild cat, Bear and others are the primary faunal species. Many people want to watch the beautiful dance of the peacock.

Where to stay?

You can accommodate in the rest house in Pandharkawada that has 4 suites. You should make earlier reservations to avoid any disappointments.

When to visit?

The temperature remains pleasant almost all throughout the year. April, May is the best time to visit the sanctuary.

Transport information:

The nearest airport is Sonegaon in Nagpur that is 172 km away from the sanctuary.

Adilabad is the nearest railway station. It is Andhra Pradesh and only 35 km away from the sanctuary. The nearest railhead in Maharashtra is Yavatmal that is 70 km away.

If you want to travel by road, then you can take buses from the closest bus station that is in Pandharkawada. It is on the National Highway no.7 and 22 km away from the sanctuary.

Watch the cascading stream of the Konkan waterfall. The Tipeshwar sanctuary with its pictorial beauty will take your breath away.