Vansda National Park

Vansda National Park

Gujarat is a picturesque state in the North-West India which is visited by a host of tourists from all over India all throughout the year. Among the various tourist attractions, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries deserve a special place. The tourism industry of the state has great affluence due to the popularity of these parks and sanctuaries. Ratanmahal & Jessore Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Marine Sanctury & Marine National Park, Gir National Park and Vansda National Park are some of the most renowned sanctuaries in the state.

If you want to visit the Vansda park in Gujarat, then the following information will help you to a greater extent.


The national park is named after the royal family of the Vansdas. The area of the park was privately owned by the Maharaja of Vansda.


It was established in the year 1979 in Navsari District

Area and location:

This is a small national park that encompasses an area of 24 sq km. It is nestled in the mountains of the Western Ghats or Sahyadris. The park is situated close to the National Highway-8 and is bisected by the Waghai-Vansda State highway. The Ambika river flowing through the sanctuary adds to its charm.

Main attractions:

During the monsoon, the park receives heavy rainfall of over 2000 mm. Due to this, it supports the growth of number of plants and other vegetation. The forest area is extremely dense; some parts of the area are so dense that these look dark even during the daytime.

Moist deciduous forests, dry deciduous forest covered with tall teak trees, bamboos, huge creepers, mango groves, etc. It is very interesting to know that the park area houses more than 250 species of plants; among those many are orchids.

Not only vegetation, the park is also remarkable for the faunal species. You will find wild animals like giant squirrels, four-horned antelope, pangolin, rusty-spotted cats, Jungle Cat, Civets, Leopards, python, Mongooses, Macaques, Barking Deer, Hyenas and a wide species of birds like Malabar Trogon, Shama and Emerald Dove, Great Black Woodpecker, Grey Hornbill, Leaf birds, Thrushes, Racket-Tailed Drongo, Paradise Flycatcher, Sunbirds, pea fowls etc.

There are reptiles like snake and gigantic python that can be traced here. More than 30 species of snake, 121 species of spiders and other animals are also found.

When to visit?

The ideal time to visit the park is from the post-monsoon season to winter. At that time the forest can be seen in its full glory and the streams are also full.

Where to stay?

You can stay in any budget or luxury hotel in Surat according to your preferences.

Transport information:

Surat at a distance of 120 km is the nearest airport.

The nearest railway station is at Waghai. It is only 4 km away from the park. You can also check for trains from the railhead Billimora that is at a distance of 40 km from the sanctuary.

Waghai is also the nearest bus head. The biggest advantage is that the national highway 8 is in the vicinity of the park. So transportation isn't a problem for the travelers.

Scenic beauty:

The scenic beauty of the park is really remarkable. Hilly terrains, lovely valleys, colorful orchids, greeneries, fast-flowing river, myriad colored butterflies roaming here and there - all these make the park a place worthy of visit. There is an eco campsite which is beautifully decorated.

We think these are reasons enough to make your visit in the Vansda National Park a memorable event. Whenever you visit Gujarat, this park should be in your tour itinerary.