Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the state of eternal beauty, grandeur and splendor. There are a number of biosphere reserves, parks and sanctuaries in the state that house thousands of wild animals. Yawal sanctuary in Jalgaon district bears witness to this fact. The amazing location of the sanctuary catches attention of the travelers who cannot escape its magical charm. Rivers, hilly terrains and lush greeneries along with the fascinating flora and fauna within the sanctuary make the place very famous among the tourists.


The sanctuary derives its name from Yawal Tehsil where it is situated.

Area and location:

The sanctuary is located in the Yawal Tehsil of Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. It spreads towards the north along the beautiful Manjali River and Anner River in Madhya Pradesh. It also spreads to the western Satpuda hills. It covers an area of 177.52 sq. km.

Flora and fauna:

The Yawal sanctuary boasts of a fascinating range of flora and fauna. The calm ambience of the surroundings is made more beautiful by a light drizzle every now and then. A wide range of flora characterizes the sanctuary. These are Palas, Ain, Khair, Charoli, Jamun, Tendu, Shisam, Salaia, Hiwar Awala, Haldu, Tiwas, Bamboo, Babul, Bel, Terminenalia species, Sal, Casia, Zizphus, Kauriculata, Teak, Helicteres, Dhawda, hair, Bija, etc.

Deer is the main attraction here. But apart from these, you will find Sloth Bear, Flying Squirrel, Palm Civet, Barking Deer, Leopard, Wild Boar, Hyena, Bear, Four-Horned Antelope, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Dog, Wild Boar, Jungle Fowl, Chinkara, Tiger, Nilgai, Blue Bull, Crocodile, etc.

The mangrove forests in sanctuary area are also very significant. Sukki River Dam which attracts migratory birds drains the place. So, rivers, dam, hills and forests make this place worth-a-visit.

Where to stay?

You can stay in hotels like Hotel Arya, Hotel Cozy Cottage, Hotel Silver Palace, Hotel Mandar, Hotel Anjali, etc. These hotels provide basic amenities at a reasonable rate.

When to visit?

February to May remains the best time to visit the sanctuary. The climate is wet almost throughout the year. The annual rainfall is above 4000 mm. the temperature goes up to maximum of 40° C in summer.

Transport information:

Raver Railway Junction on Mumbai - Bhusawal Khandwa line is the closest railway station. It is around 35 km from the sanctuary.

Jalgaon airport at a distance of 95 km is the nearest airport.

Aurangabad is the nearest city. The sanctuary is well connected to the major cities in Maharashtra. You can travel from Raver, Pune, Mumbai, etc. Raver is situated only 25km away from the sanctuary. You can take public buses run by the Maharashtra Government; otherwise you can opt for private vehicles.

Some extra dose:

There are a number of places to visit that are near the sanctuary. Sri Padmalaya or Padmalaya Kshetra located at the top of a hill, Pal which is marked for its tranquil surroundings, the hot water springs of Patnadevi, the Parola fort and many more are places where you can spend some beautiful moments. Plan a tour of 2-3 days, so that you can travel to all these places while exploring the wildlife of Maharashtra also.

Travel tips:

You should carry a tour guide book that will provide you information about the sanctuary and the region.

Trekking kit, cameras, sunglasses and binoculars are some important accessories.

As for other sanctuaries, you should take a first-aid-kit while visiting this sanctuary also.

Thus visiting the Yewal sanctuary would be a sheer delight for the travelers. Rich vegetation, rare faunal species and pictorial beauty would make your trip truly memorable.