Sohna Hill Station

Sohna is a sought-after place to spend some moments of leisure for the people of Delhi. It is a small town just 56 km from Delhi and 24 km from Gurgaon lying on Dellhi-Alwar Highway. It is in Gurgaon district covered by the Aravali range. It is at 696 ft. above sea level and dons a complete green cover. The surrounding green cover of the Aravali around Shona has excited the Harayana government to declare it a natural conservation zone. This declaration has resulted in keeping the town free from pollution. It is named because of the gold dust found in the sand of streams swiped away by heavy rains from the beds of the neighbouring rivers.

Shona is famed as a health-cum-holiday resort because of the Sohna hills. Besides green cover, the factors that have made significant contribution in raising its popularity level are the hot springs and an old temple credited to Lord Shiva. Twice in a year, the town turns into a pilgrimage centre when celebrating two festivals known as 'Gangasnan,' and 'Teej.' You can wake up after hearing by morning bells in the temple, or to the peacock sound from nearby woods. The town and hills are strewn with groups of flower plantations, and the haphazard shrubs.

You can see the presence of history in its ruined bastions standing on the nearby hill that was once under the aegis of the local chieftains. Besides that, not much about the past has been recorded. However, even if you are not interested in history, you must still visit it so that you can witness the greenery from high and see the rugged side of the nearby places.

To have a peaceful stay, there is a health and leisure resort on the top of Sohan hills. The luxurious room offers a world of privacy, and the balconies so nicely attached to provide you the view of the town that you can gauge many things about the place right from there.

Sohna hills, though not new, is still an unexplored tourist destination. The crowds that thronged here are usually from Delhi NCR and other cities from where it takes a couple of hours to visit. In fact, tourists who cannot visit faraway places pick this town as a weekend destination because of easy approach from Delhi, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

Places to See

Damdama Lake

This lake is a point of attraction for a cool and relaxing picnic. It is closer to the Gurgaon area and is recognized to provide tourists with fun-filled activities. Boating facilities provided here are the main draws for the crowd. The surroundings and the backdrop of the Aravalli hills are something to enjoy in person. There is a resort nearby the lake that offers people with different kinds of activities such as rock climbing, para sailing, kayaking, cycling, trekking and camping.

Sulphur Springs

Sulphur Springs is main attraction of Sohna Hills. The springs have the reputation of carrying medicinal properties. The temperature of the springs varies from 46.10c to 51.70c. They are lying at the base of a straight rock. To prevent people and animals from being scalded from it, the springs are covered with a dome. It is assumed that the dome was built in the 14th century. A spa complex is built at the top of the rock for tourists to enjoy sauna, sulphur and steam bath. The complex also has a small swimming pool filled by the water ejected through a recess in the wall.

Fair and Festival of Shona

The Aravalli range has blessed Shona hills with abundance of greenery. The town has literally aroused from its slumber to become a popular weekend destination for Delhi NCR, Gurgaon and Faridabad. In addition, it is also famous for Gangasnan festival that is organized in the November every year. The festival is popular all the north regions and thousands of tourists come to offer prayer at the Shiva temple. There is another festival that falls in the month of July or August and is celebrated as Teej. A huge resort is built on the top of the Shona hill by the Haryana Tourism Department to encourage tourists to visit the town and provide eating and lodging facilities. Sohna also organizes a vintage car rally in February that is attended by a good crowd. To beef up the tempo of the rally, a grand mela is organized by the state tourism department.

How to Reach Sohna

By Air

New Delhi Airport is the nearest to Shona, 56 km.

By Rail

New Delhi is the closest railhead located 50 km from Shona.

By Road

Sohna hills is connected by road to Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and other cities.

When you are visiting Shona hill for both health and leisure purpose, see that you spare some time and view the nearby places like Faridabad, Suraj Kund, and Ballabhgarh. All these places are around Shona town, and are reachable in less than an hour.