Tourist Places in Panhala Hill Station, Vasai

Tourism in Panhala Hill Station, Vasai, Maharashtra

Panhala Hill Station Panhala Hill Station

Panhala hills are filled with the memories of the great Shivaji Maharaj. This is the only place where Shivaji stayed for more than 500 days. This is a scenic and calm hill station which is quite famous among the tourists.

Panhala is linked with glorious historical stories of the great Marathas. Panhala hill station was a capital city of the Maratha till year 1782 later it came under the British Empire. There is a largest fort that was built on the edges of the Sahyadri ranges in the Deccan region. Panhala hills are filled with natural beauty of hills, garden, forts and valley. This hill station is far from the hustle bustle of the city life and hence a favorite destination of tourists. This place is sparely populated hill station and hence it is free from pollution.

There is natural fresh and clean air for breathing. Tourists' visiting this place fall in the lap of freshness and lush greenery. It is a perfect place for newly married couples as they get time to spend with each other.

This place has a charming and incredible view of the slopes and forts that tells the story of the Marathas. In winters the climate changes and becomes so pleasant that it make people fall in love with this place. This is a perfect place for trekking and mountain climbing for those who are adventure lovers.

There are thousands of people who visit this place every year. There are many picnic spots where people can hang out and enjoy their holiday.

In and around places

Sajja kothi:

Sajja kothi is the main and popular place in Panhala it was built in the 1008 AD by Mohammedans. A very interesting story is linked with this place. Siddi johar, a Bijapur general when he attacked Panhala, Shivaji escaped from there are through window of Sajja kothi. Because of this reason this place is noted in history.

Sambhaji temple:

This temple is built in the memory of the very first ruler of Kolhapur that is Sambhaji. This temple is worth visiting place in Panhala.

Other interesting places to be visited are Someshwar temple, Raj Dindi and the teen darwaza. There is temple where Shivaji used to ask for blessing before venturing, the Ambabai temple. There is a place where Baji Prabhu gave his life to save Shivaji's life at this place called as the Pavankhind.

Place to stay:

There are many options available for staying. There are hotels and resorts ranging from luxury to economic class. Besides this there are lodges and guest houses available and they provide good service to the tourists.

Getting there

  • Airways:

    Nearest airport is the Kolhapur airport which is at a distance of about 35 kilometers away from Panhala hills.

  • Railways:

    Nearest railway station is Kolhapur station which is at a distance of about 26 kilometers away from Panhala hills.

  • Road ways:

    There are state transport buses and taxis available from Panhala to Kolhapur and from Kolhapur to all the major cities of India.

Ideal time to visit:

Best time to visit Panhala is from October to November as the weather is very pleasant.

Bassein or Vasai



STD Code is 95250

Vasai is the city fortified by the Portuguese long back ago. After that it is besieged by the Marathas in the year 1739. One can see the ruins of the city walls now also and brushwood and palm groves. There are many wide beaches in Vasai or Bassein and in the beginning of the 17th century those are used as a place for ship building.

About 10 kilometers on the northwest side the Nalasopara village is there, which is the capital city of Konkan in 1500 BC to 1300 AD. There is a nice and famous Vajreshwari Temple just at a distance of 1 hour from here and there is also the Akloli hot springs. One can also enjoy the beauty of many old and extremely attractive churches.

King of Portugal held the seven islands plus Bassein in the year 1534, which was a chunk of mainland territory north of Bombay and it is also known as Salsette but now days most famous as Vasai. In the Bassein, Portuguese built a walled city for themselves and overlook the ocean, which is also present today.

How to go there

  • By Rail - On the Western Railway suburban route there is a nearest railhead from Vasai.
  • By Road - Bassein or Vasai is at a distance of 77 kilometers from Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway.

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