Tourist Places in Matheran

Matheran is a hill station situated at 2625 feet above sea level on the imposing Western Ghats region. It is in Raigad District of Maharashtra closer to Mumbai (90km), and Pune (120 km). Its proximity to the metros is the main reason of its popularity among the urban population. It is an important region from ecosystem point of view. Hence, the Government of India along with the Ministry of Environment has declared it eco-sensitive region. Therefore, no vehicle, whether two or four wheeled are allowed here, which helped Matheran in staying as one of the unpolluted hill stations in India.

The name 'Matheran' implies the forest on the forehead. The forehead is referred to the mountains. Hugh Mallet, serving as a Collector of Thane discovered Matheran in 1850. The British administration then developed it into a hill station. The picturesque Sahyadri mountain ranges and the densely covered forests cloaked in greenery invite tourists throughout the year.

Matheran is packed with 38 fascinating points. The most visited are the Panorama point, Louisa point, King George point, and the Charlotte Lake. To have the full pleasure of the nature, The Paymaster Park and the Panthers' Cave are the best locations. The stunning sight of the surroundings and faraway that are possible from after reaching the cliffs of Matheran are unforgettable. The vicissitudes of this hilly region furnished with treasure troves of natural beauty are best to be witnessed by taking a trip to Matheran.

Tourist Places in Matheran

Panorama Point

If you do not have the habit of waking up early, then you must at least come to the Panorama Point and see the glorious sunrise. After seeing the sun in its prime, you will surely give up your habit. This point is especially famous for witnessing the sunrise. It also offers a stunning view of the surroundings such as the Chanderi, Mhas-Mal, Navara-Navri and the Prabal fort. A magnificent view of the Louisa point, Hart point, Monkey point, and the Porcupine point are also seen from here.

Louisa Point

If you are wondering from which point to enjoy the sunset, then you must come to the Louisa point. This site offers a panoramic view of the surroundings. It is also a vantage point to view the Vishalgad and Prabal forts. It as well offers a pleasurable view of waterfall and lake gardens if you are coming here during the monsoon season. The guarantee this point offer is a relief from your hectic and mundane routine since the point is unspoiled, and enthused with calm environment.

Hart Point

Hart point stands in such a position that after reaching here, you can have majestic views of the lush green plains deep below along with the quiet and serene villages. It is one of the points in Matheran from where you can see the lights of the Mumbai city. Thick green wood occupying all the sides offer a cool and relaxing environment for meditation and gossiping with friends and family. You have to walk to the North West edge of Matheran hill to reach here.

Charlotte Lake

Charlotte Lake or the Sharlott Lake is lying in between thick forest looking at which will make you feel as if the lake is originating from the forest itself. The green surrounding and the lake are best for a picnic in this hill station. The lake has an ancient temple called Pisarnath temple to its right. From here, the major famous sightseeing locations - the Louisa point and the Echo point are approachable by the left of this lake. The lake is filled to its capacity during rainy season. It takes care of the drinking water needs of Matheran.

Prabal Fort

Prabal fort is so named since it is built at the top of the Prabal hills, which the west of Matheran. Shivaji Maharaj took the fort from the Mughals to build 'Swarajaya.' The fort is not exactly the same when it was built, but you can still feel the grandeur of the two gateways and the eleven towers. There is a pond inside the fort used by the people for drinking. Now only three to four walls of the eleven towers are remaining singing the past glory of the Maratha rulers.

Shivaji's Ladder

Shivaji's Ladder is the name given to the steps in ladder shape since it was used by Shivaji Maharaj to get down the low plains and hunt in the forest of Matheran hills. The ladder steps serve as a path to commute from one tree hill point to the valley of Matheran. Even today, the local tribes regularly to travel into the interiors of the forests use it. Huge Mallet discovered this historical path in 1850, which is perfect for trekking.

How to Reach Matheran

By Air

Travelling to Matheran by air is convenient since Mumbai has both domestic and international airports being the capital of Maharashtra.

By Train

Neral Railway Station is closer to Matheran. The station is 60 km from the hill station and is connected to Pune, Mumbai and other cities.

By Road

Matheran is connected to Pune and Mumbai by roads. Tourist travelling from both the metro cities have to take exit Khopoli and take on the old Poona-Bombay Highway and cross Karjat rail crossing and Neral.

These are major tourist places in Matheran. If you want to explore all the 38 points, you need to be in the hill stations for at least a week.