Akshaya Tritiya

In Hindu culture, no venture, event, marriage, investment, etc. commences without deciding an appropriate day. This opinion is profoundly rooted in people's mind since the primal period. To back this belief, there are several legends which people truly respect. As timings and day are of prime importance for Hindus, one momentous day is considered lucky is the Akshaya Tritiya. This day is one of the auspicious and sacred days of the year. Even the Jain communities revered this occasion with full dignity and devotion.

Akshaya Tritiya Festival

Akshay Tritiya is the only special day which never disappears from the Hindu lunar calendar. It comes on the third lunar day of the Shukla Paksha in the Vaishaka month. It corresponds with either April or May every year. Along with religious sentiments, it has some significance according to the study of cosmology. It is noted that the Sun and the Moon shine brightly to their maximum. This festival is also known as Akha Teej and is traditionally celebrated as the birthday of Lord Parasurama. He is believed to be Lord Vishnu's sixth incarnation. The word 'Akshya' in Sanskrit has meant never ending and hence connote that anything purchased or started on this special occasion will attain endless success and good luck.

Legend of Akshaya Tritiya

This momentous day connotes the starting of the golden age. According to the Hindu Purana, many remarkable events took place on this day. It was this day when Vyasa Rishi and Lord Ganesha scripted the great epic, the Mahabharata. There is also a mention that Goddess Ganges descended from the heaven on earth for the prosperity of the humans on this day. The most famous is the story of Lord Krishna and Sudama, a poor Brahmin and a childhood friend of Krishna. When Sudama's family was suffering from extreme poverty, his wife asks him to seek some help from Krishna. Reluctantly, he leaves his hut with a bowl of rice to meet Krishna. After meeting his friend, he could not dare to ask for any help and departs in a friendly tone. Krishna understands his situation and never wanted to embarrass him. When Sudama reached at his place, he saw a magnificent palace standing at the place instead on his hut and his family in a royal attire. Everything was new and expensive inside the new home. It took no time for him to understand that the wealth and prosperity were all because of his friend, Krishna. Hence, Akshay Tritiya is regarded important in terms of materials and wealth gains.

Celebration of Akshay Tritiya

Akshay Tritiya is famously observed for materialistic gain. People buy gold, silver and other materials on this day. They even invest in business, and saving schemes with a hope of good returns in the future as evident from the story of Krishna and Sudama. Even the celestial world proves the importance of this day. This day, Kubera, the treasurer of the gods became the richest deity, who in turn worship Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, people worship Maa Laxmi to seek her blessing and achieve all the material gains and wealth needed in life.

Special pooja is conducted in temples and households. The devotees take a dip in the holy river and head towards the temple. They take with them flowers, incense sticks, and other offerings such as barley, cereals, curd, sugarcane, and Tulsi water. Then, they perform aarti of Goddess Laxmi. It is also considered sacred to do charity on this day. People distribute clothes, sweets, and grains to Brahmins and poor. At the house, they place a gold or silver coin in front of the deity and do the pooja. Lord Krishna, Ganesh and Vishnu are also worshipped in homes and temples.

Along with Hindus, this festival is equally celebrated by the Jain communities. They consider this day special because Lord Rishabhdev, who is the first Thirthankara earned self-realization on this day after a year-long starvation and medication. Hence, Jains observe fast to honour their first Thirthankara on this auspicious day. Anything distributed or gain on this day is considered to be never ending.

Praying to Gods and Goddess on this day helps bring an end to suffering and head towards progress and growth. It is the most beautiful and auspicious day for business and marriage. Thousands of new ventures are started on this day, and marriages are performed. Children born on this day are exceptional and bound to achieve great social, moral and cultural heights in their lives. This festival is the best excuse to leave back all the negative thoughts and bridge the gap of differences with close people. It is also the time to give up that is unsocial, bad for health, and make new resolutions.

Akshaya Tritiya reminds us about the practice of charity in order to gain happiness and prosperity in our lives. Anything things donated with true heart and full devotion is bound to bring back good luck and success.