Buddha Purnima

For Buddhist and Hindus and millions of Asians who adapt the teaching and lifestyle of Buddhism, Buddha Purnima is a glorious day. Buddha is revered in many counties. He is the world's best spiritual teacher full with humanity and love for mankind animals and nature's every creation.

Lord Gautam Buddha has shown the world the path of enlightenment. It is through his teachings that people are able to control all the sinful aspects of life - lust, greed, anger, passion, and desire. He taught the world how to lead a life of austerity and give up affection or attachment to any kind of pleasures. People who inculcate his readings in their lives obtain salvation or nirvana. The Buddhist scriptures help them to get over all kinds of suffering and misery of life. As a respect for his divine message, teaching the importance of renouncement, and for spreading the message of peace, the world admire his birth anniversary as Buddha Purnima, also called 'Buddha Jayanti.'

Buddha Purnima Festival

Gautam Buddha was born in 623 BC and this day is celebrated as Buddha Purnima. He was born on a full moon day in the month of Vaisakh which appears in April or May. This blessed day is special because of three reasons: First, the world got its spiritual leader, second, he attained supreme wisdom in 588 BC, Third, he receives Nirvana at the age of 80.

Lord Buddha is the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He got his name when he received the enlightenment. The name 'Buddha' implies 'enlightened one' means who is complete impeccable, without any fault, and complete stranger to pleasure. His birthday is observed both by Hindus and Buddhist with lots of social events and religious activities.

The years of meditation and his search for liberation from suffering has given the teaching of eight principles people must follow in their lives. They are right behaviour, right reason or purpose, right talk, right aspiration, right decision or determination, right occupation, right thinking, and right cure. These principles may be tough to follow on, but those who follow it can only attain a moksh, a state where one can be free from all sufferings.

Legend of Buddha:

Buddha was born as Prince Siddhartha. He was the son of King Shuddhodana who was then ruling Kapilvastu, an ancient kingdom near the Himalayan mountains. The royal astrologer predicts that he will either become a famous emperor or world's greatest saint. He also tells the king that the prince should not see any pain or sorrow. The king tries his best to avoid any sorrowful instances that could incite his mind.

For quite some years the king succeeds in keeping away the prince from seeing sorrow. He gets the prince married. One day, Siddhartha expresses his desire to visit his kingdom. His father gets the city decorated and orders the sick and old not to come in front of the prince. However, during his excursion, the prince come across an old man, a sick man and group of people mourning after a death and carrying the dead body on their shoulder for final rites. As the prince has never seen any such things in his life, he gets emotionally disturbed and begins to think why there is so pain and sorrow in the world. His mind and heart start searching for the answer to several questions as why do people become old and sick, and is there any ways to stay happy, never get old, and live longer.

Then one night, he quietly abandons his parents, wife and son and leaves the palace to find answers. For several years, he travels through the forests, villages, and mountains. To connect with the God, he meditates for several years under the Bodhi tree and receives an enlightenment.

Buddha Purnima Celebration:

Devotees from all over the world visit Bodh Gaya and Sarnath to celebrate this holy festival. They wear white clothes and worship the Bodhi tree. They spray milk and perfumed water on the branches of the tree. They also covered it with colourful flags and lit lamps near the tree. Many devotees observe fasting on this day. Books and magazines referring to Buddha's teachings are distributed to people. Prayers and sermons, lessons from the Buddhist scriptures are chanted in matha and vihars. Story of Gautam Buddha's life is also narrated to devotees. Monks are also honored on this day. People distribute alms and food to poor and needy. Monks join the procession in cities carrying and chanting sacred scriptures. For meal, sweet rice is cooked in milk and sugar

Buddha Purnima is sacred festival and celebrated in India, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Japan, and many other Asian countries who follows the Buddhist way of life. Today, there are millions of followers of Lord Buddha all over the world and they are practicing his teachings to find peace.