Easter Indian Festival

There is no dearth of festivals in India. Being a home to several different religions and culture, every special moment, whether it is associated with some religious sentiments, monsoon season, or some sort of repentance or penance, the jubilation among the people of this culturally decorated country is definitely adorable. Every community has full independence and rights to follow and enjoy their beliefs. Hence, even though the population of Christian in India is so low, people still respect and honour their tradition and culture. The best example is the Easter festival, which India and the western countries observe it on the same day.

Easter Festival Easter is a festival to celebrate the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. The sacred Christian scripture says that Jesus Christ came to life on the third day after he was hanged and left to die on the cross. The date to commemorate the life of Jesus differs each year. Sometimes, it falls in March and the next time in April. The reason cited for the change in the date is the calculation between the Julian calendar and the Gregorian calendar. There is no reference on how the festival got its present name and when it started. However, many believe that this festival is an amalgamation of two traditions namely Judeo-Christian and the Pagan. These two believers celebrate Easter as per the Spring Equinox for millennia. Equinox is the time when the day and the moon are of equal length, and millennia are a span of 1000 years.

Easter festival is not just limited to a single-day. In fact, a 40-day celebration that starts with the fasting. This fasting period is the known as Lent, which ends with Easter Sunday. The complete period of fasting is like living the equal number of days spent by Jesus Christ in the wilderness. Jesus stayed in the desert and led an austere life. Devils tried to disturb or distract him from the path he has chosen to tread. They applied all the tricks but do gain no success. Hence, this period regarded as the time of penance and contemplation and get closer to the Lord's messages. People eat only once a day and do not touch meat, egg, and any kind of beverages.

Easter Celebration

Easter is to celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ in his original form. It is commemorated with full devotion throughout the world. It is the happiest day for Christians all over the world. As the birth of Jesus Christ is very special, his admirers brace themselves to welcome the Lord. Churches and homes in the country are painted. The worship places are decked with flowers and fineries. There is a new ray of hope and life in the air. All the creations of the nature wear fresh looks.

Eater has been celebrated in India from the British rule. The zeal and fanfare have not faded. They have rather gone higher than that pre-independence period. This grand event is observed in churches with services for the community. Gifts are distributed to the poor and needy. Member of the choir groups organizes a healthy and fun competition like painting, gadget making, egg hunting, singing, dancing, etc. Children are the happiest lot, and they are the ones whose face glow with happiness since they get to gulp in lots of chocolates, cakes, candies, jellybeans, bunnies and new clothes.

The celebration that starts with lent ends with Easter Sunday. In India, this festival is greatly observed in Mumbai, Goa, Kerala and the northeastern states. The early Easter Sunday morning in churches begins with prayers and rituals. Stores in the market stock Easter eggs with varieties of decoration. For children, they keep bunnies and other items for sale. It is a tradition to give and receive gifts from each other.

Goa gets ready for this festival in its own unique way. Being under the rule of Portugal, the enjoyment in this tourist spot is pulsating. The carnival of Goa is worth witnessing where one gets to see people with amusing makeup and dress-up to dancing, singing and playing music on the streets. Houses and bakeries bake lip-smacking cookies and cakes for this special day.

The northeastern Christians exchange colourful lanterns and holy cross after the mass. People gather in a community hall and share their opinions and feelings about the life and death of Jesus Christ. Some community centers even invite spiritual guests to give lectures on humanity and Jesus Christ. Interesting games are arranged for kids, men and women live up the festival spirit. At home, people host lunch and dinner for their guests. Both types of foods are cooked for vegetarian and non-vegetarian invitees.

Easter is as important as Christmas in India and is celebrated with lots of gusto. The day of resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ is full of good hopes and wishes to the world. This wonderful day reflects that is life is all about forgive and forget, to walk with new energy and leave behind something good for the nature as well as the humankind.