Good Friday

Good Friday

The world is no stranger to great preachers of peace, humanity and goodwill. Ever since the universe came into existence, the gods had to struggle in making life worth living for people. The creator made the earth a safe place for all living organisms. Despite all the resources provided, a few things went out of the hands. People could not control the feelings of excess pride, greed for materialistic gain and pleasures, and looking down on others. Those who dare to go against the practice the powerful regarded their privileges had to suffer extremely. Let alone ordinary men, even the Lord Jesus Christ were not spared and had to experience the wrath of irreligious and those who want to prove themselves supreme.

Good Friday Festival The story says that Lord Jesus Christ was charged for blasphemy because he claimed himself the God's son. He even objected to the taxes levied on the poor by the ruler. When Jesus was brought before the Roman Governor Pontius Pilate as a culprit of blasphemy, he handed him over to the Jewish leaders for execution. However, they refused to follow the command since the Romans do not allow them to carry out a death sentence. The governor then sought the permission of King Herod, the ruler of Galilee who again sent back Jesus after hearing the case. Pilate then referred the case to the assembly who ordered the crucifixion of Jesus.

The death sentence given to Jesus was the most horrifying act of torture ever witnessed. He was made to carry a heavy cross on his shoulder from the assembly to the execution site. He was paraded through the streets. All the way, the executioners flogged him. The agonizing journey of death continues for several hours. Lord Jesus endured the excruciating pain remembering the god. The site of the execution was Cavalry. After the death, followers of Jesus took the possession of the body and bury it with custom and rituals in a garden closer to the place where he was crucified. The day when Jesus gave up his life was Friday. Hence, the followers of Christian religion remember this day as Good Friday because the Lord got freedom from inhumanly tortures.

Good Friday Celebration

The Catholic churches all over the world regard Good Friday as a day that ended severe pain. They observe it as a day of emancipation from slavery and cruelty. As Lord Jesus suffered too much for the sake of humanity, people keep fast and celebrate it in abstinence. Special mass is conducted in churches, and narrator narrates the sufferings of Jesus by the hands of merciless.

All the Christians in the world observe Good Friday. Fasting and attending special church services are the regular routine of the day. Many Churches reenact the episode of crucification on the streets to spread the message of peace and abolish diabolic acts that are still common to see in all places even in this modern day. There is no glitter or fanfare on this day and is observed totally in sobriety. It is remembered for the sacrifices given by Jesus.

Indians observe this day as a national holiday. Schools, colleges and government institutions are closed to allow Christians brothers and sisters to commemorate this sad day when the entire universe was under a dark shadow as the lights of hope and the beacon of life that was so deeply resided in the Jesus Christ closed the eyes on the cross. Devotees kiss the plank of the wood signifying the cross on which Jesus was crucified. By kissing it, they feel the body of Jesus Christ. Though prayer is offered, the church bell goes mute on this day. Gospel reading and community service are the practice followed across the globe.

The fasting on this day is to honour the forty days that Jesus spent in the desert in austerity. This period in the Christian calendar is known as 'Ash Wednesday,' which ends with Easter, the following Sunday after Good Friday. Some ardent followers even perform the seven utterances of Christ that came out of his mouth while being hanged on the cross.

A peaceful procession of the idol of Jesus is taken from the main church in places like Goa, Mumbai, and Kerala. There is no exchange of gifts on this occasion since it is the mourning day for the Christians. People lament on the death of Jesus. The dress code people stick to on this day is black. Black clothes, to reflect the mourning, cover even the statues and photo frames of Jesus inside the churches. Churches also conduct a ritual burial to relive saddest moment in the history of Christianity.

Good Friday is the day of penance, reflection and fasting. It is the day to remember the sacrifices of the righteous man and the follower of God on the earth. Even though his enemies gave him death, he still prayed to his father to forgive them, as he believed they have no idea about what they are doing, and forgiving someone for their mistakes is the way of life.