Independence Day

Independence Day

India has great legacies that are fascinating, enthralling and overwhelming. It is as old as the world. Even the creator fell in love with it and made it their abode. The beautiful locations, its rich soil and potential to produce herbs, spices and crops in abundance, the art and craftsmanship skills that gave life to the pieces of arts, gold, sculptors, and the naive nature of its people attracted many to settle their foot in this land. The list of the outsiders is endless. The Turks, Lodhis, Persian, Mughals, Portuguese, Dutch, French and the English were the foreigners that were attracted towards the treasure of India. All these outsiders captured and ruled various regions of the country for many years. However, it was the British who managed to rule the entire country for more than two centuries.

India was a slave to the British during their rule. The English maltreated Indians in every sphere. They degraded and showed no respect for the religion and practices followed. They desecrated the worship places of Hindus and Muslims, and even forced them to do things against religion. The Indians were abused at every level that fueled the fire of freedom. In 1857, Mangal Pandey started the fight for freedom against the British. Soon, it spread all over the country. After sacrificing countless of freedom fighters and patriotic people, India gained freedom. The Independence Day was declared at the stroke of the midnight of 15 August 1947.

Independence Day

Independence Day Celebration

The Independence Day is the golden letter day in the Indian history. This day was the proudest movement for millions of Indians. For the first time, people got to breath in free air. They become free to do whatever they like and believe. A new chapter was written in the world history with the birth of a new nation called India. The world has to see a country full with intellectual capacity, moral strength, endless energy, and herculean determination, which they saw it in India.

India paid a heavy price to gain the freedom. The country lost its great fighters. Some lost their sons while others their husbands in the freedom fight. Nevertheless, the tears of joy that comes from being independent wash away all the pain. This day is consoling us that the sacrifices of our martyrs have not gone in vain, and we all will remain indebted as long as the world exists.

The Independence Day is celebrated with great patriotism and enthusiasm. The entire country pays respect to all those brave hearts who happily embraced death for the sake of the country and its people. The feelings that one gets from being independent is extraordinary. There are many cultural programmes conducted to celebrate the occasion. Schools, colleges and offices are open for a few hours to commemorate the work of national heroes and to hoist the national flag.

On this day, the prime minister of India addresses the nation from the capital city of Delhi and the historic Red Fort. To strengthen the diplomatic relationships with other countries, the Indian Government invites many dignitaries and ministers to join in the function. First, the Prime Minister does the flag hoisting followed by national anthem. People stand up with respect, salute the tri-colour, and sing the national anthem. After that, the prime minister delivers a speech to the nation in which he describes the achievements India has made since the independence. He also brings forth the plans of the government for the coming year.

The major attraction of this day is the parade organized at the Red Fort. Several hundred National Cadet Corps cadets and soldiers from the three wings - Army, Navy and Air Force participate in the parade.

People get to see the latest military equipments and weaponry in this parade. The display of intelligence and strength helps people to understand where the country stands and makes them proud. All the states participate in the parade and display their specialties in arts, cultures, and science. All the participants sing patriotic songs and present regional dance forms. The parade also includes some daring stunts by Special Forces. Spectators enjoy the stunt on the motorcycle that jumps through a fire circle. The sight of one rider riding a motorcycle boarded by fifteen to twenty people is breathtaking.

Since it is a public holiday, people take out time to organize a small gathering. They remember and pay homage to great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose, Lokmanya Tilak, Shivaji Maharaj and all other brave people who dreamed about a free country and kissed the rope of death by screaming 'inquilaab zindabaad' before they were hanged.

Independence Day is a colourful celebration. In Delhi, people enjoy it by flying kites with friends and relatives. The whole sky is filled with tri-colored kites. They wear traditional clothes and congratulate each other for being born in a free India. Schoolchildren proudly flaunt the national flag in their hands. Restaurants, shopping malls, and multiplexes offer special discounts for patrons on this special day. The whole day is full with patriotic songs. Every junction, shop and household play songs inspired from freedom fight. Even the channels and cable TV telecast movies based on freedom fight.