Indian Religions

Religions in India

India is famous for its unity in diversity and this is the only country in the whole world where you will get mostly all religions in one nation and all are living happily. This is the country which respects all religions as well as the values and the morals thought by any of them for the well being of the human.

A religion is actually a practice, following which a human grows in the society and spend whole life just by following the path by the religion, which always leads to the truth.

India is actually home to the religious people may be Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Jainism, Sikhs, Zoroastrianism and many other religious traditions as well. Hinduism is the most widely spread religion in India as well as in the world. Muslims are second most prominent religious community and very important part in the Indian society and India have second largest population of Muslims after Indonesia in whole world.

Different Indian religions are as listed below :