Indian Religions : Buddhism

Buddhism Religion

India is the country which has many religions but it is the home of Buddhism, but the practitioners of this religion are seen all over the world. Approximately more than five million Buddhists followers are seen in India and most of them are recently converted. Also regional studies reflect that seven million people practice Buddhism in India. It is noted that 'Buddha' was believed to be lived from about 563 to 483 BC generally.

Buddhism Religion

Early known as 'Prince Siddhartha Gautama' became Buddha at the age of 29 and started a journey for enlightenment and relief from the suffering. In his journey Buddha taught, the existence is depended on Four Noble Truths. Ladakhi Buddhists follows similar traditions as found in Tibet.

In India there are sites which gives significance to Buddhists around the world and which includes:

  • Lumbini - It is the birthplace of Buddha and it is situated near to the border of India and Nepal countries.

  • Bodh Gaya - it is the place, where Buddha attained supreme enlightenment, which is located 80 kilometers in south of Patna city In India.

  • Deer park at Sarnath - It is the place, where Buddha preached his very first sermon and this is now located at just outside Varanasi and Kushinagara and it is known that, this is the place where Budhha died at his age of 80, which is 50 kilometers from Gorakhpur in east.

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