Indian Religions : Jainism

Jainism Religion

This is the predominant community into the business found in India and these people are peace loving and vegetarians only. There are two main types in Jainism communities namely Swetambers and Digambers. The Jainism people are community minded and those have built many magnificent temples all over the nation.

This religion is started in the 6th century BC, after the reformation of the the Brahman religious beliefs. The founder of Jainism was a revered holy men, saint and ascetic named 'Vardhamma'. He then after known as the 'Mahavir', all people from this community worships him.

Jainism also believe in 'God', but they don't believe in God is the creator of the universe. They see God in the 24 Tirthankaras lives, prophets of this community. Mahavir is believed the last of these spiritual leaders of these communities.

Jainism is not at all found beyond India in world, but they have special importance in India continuously and have 4 million followers. Jain word derived from word 'Jina', means 'descendants of conquerors'. They believe in two principles, the living beings - jiva and the non-living beings - ajiva. Jainism is the main developer of the ahimsa means non-violence and it was the basis for the entire Jain values and ethics. Jainism believes in achieving whole purity of the soul for attaining the liberation.

Jain temples almost resemble to Hindu temples from exterior look, but inner side is a riot of sculptures and ornaments. The Jain community is one of the wealthy peoples in India and spends more money to keep these temples neat and clean completely.

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