Tourist Destinations in India is exhilarated in bringing forth the tourist destinations in India. Be with us for a moment to find what you have been missing so far. No doubt, we are proud to be an Indian. However, as a matter of fact, we are not yet aware of the greatness of our country. Sometimes it is surprising to see that a foreign national knows more about India than our people do. Thus, it is our humble attempt to illustrate the places that you must visit and find a new sense of pride of being an Indian.

India is also known as Bharath. There is something about this country that pulls millions of people from every corner towards it. It is the land of unity in diversity. It is known for its friendly and pleasant weather, natural beauty, culture and tradition, ancient temples, mosques, churches, soaring rivers and oceans. The world has learned a lot from India. Be it science, mathematics, and hospitality. Indians greet their guest with Namasthe by folding their hands like they do when offering prayer to the idol. The Indians follow an age-old tradition of hospitality that believes in Athithi Devo Bhava. This means guests are as God for the people of this country.

This is a sacred land which has many holy rivers and places where one can find salvation from sin. It is blessed with an array of beautiful locations. You will see high rising mountains that are ready to speak with the clouds, deep-blue seas capable of producing many mineral resources, incomprehensible deserts, pristine beaches, bright and lively green valleys, natural and artificial backwaters, rare ceramics and carving art forms, historic cities, majestic monuments, exotic collections of paintings and murals, great forts and caves that can beat the modern day architectural tools and machineries, rich wildlife, and rare plants and herbs. Due to the variety of tourist destinations in India, it has been listed in the Top Five Tourist Hotspots of the world.

India is so full of wonder places. The Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the seven wonders in the world. Equally impressive is the Agra Fort at a short distance from this beautiful monument. The location and the height of the fort is so prime and built that you can see Taj Mahal through the window and terrace of the fort. Then, there are palaces built by great Rajput and Moghul rulers of this country. Some of them are exclusively constructed of marble, while others in red sand-stone. The Golden Temple in Amritsar is yet another iconic building that shows the kind of faith and devotion the Indians have against their gurus and god. Some of the ancient Hindu temples that date back to the sixth and seventh centuries are the real treasures of India.

India is an independent country where people from different religion have the rights and privileges to offer prayers to their gods according to their faith and belief. As such you can find many churches and mosques that are visited by the locals, and tourists from within and outside India. The Goa churches are famous for its architecture style and beauty. All these religious institutions are built at the time when Goa was under the rule of Portuguese.

Besides ancient heritage buildings, palaces, and fort, this country is also blessed with major rivers that are as sacred as the God. Some of the beautiful rivers in India that start right from the tip of the Himalayan mountains and flows through many holy towns and cities taking care of the agricultural production of all the states it flows through are fascinating and have tales from the past. The Brahmaputra, Chandra and Bhaga, Godawari, Narmada, Cavery, Ganges, Yamuna, Sutlej and Sarasvati rivers are major rivers and landmarks of India.

Indians take pleasure and pride in holding their traditions and cultures. The modern generation of this country has taken quite a few lessons from its ancestors and continued to carry forward the age-old belief and trust. Therefore, you will find many modern Hindu temples that depict the true picture of what the citizen of this country learned from the ancient Hindu temples. All these modern religious worshiping buildings were built in the 20th century. Though the architectural style is the latest, it is still parallel to the oldest method of construction and are adding to the beauty of the city where they are built. If you want to see the engineering marvel of the modern Hindu temples, you must visit the following religious institutions: Ashta Lakshmi Temple, Birla Temple, Isckon Temple, Lotus Temple, Bellur math, Chattarpur Mandir, Kali Bari Mandir and Laksmi Narayan Temple.

A visit to any temples, churches, wildlife sanctuary, beaches, hill stations, etc. will enrich you with the depth of the cultural traditions, the languages of the region, the contemporary style of greeting, and varieties of cuisines that are unique and specialty of that particular place. You will take with you a never forgetting experience that will shake up your soul and heart from within.

There are hundreds of tourist destinations in India that are renowned over the globe. To learn more about the cities and towns where you can be all by yourself and enjoy, keep visitin