India is a vast and fascinating country with diverse culture and ethnicity. Millions of travelers from every corner of the world visit this land each year because of its rich traditional values and delve into some of the mysteries that are still prevailing since the Indus Civilization. Know more about Best Places to Visit in India. There are a total of 28 states and 7 union territories in this country. We provide details on the Best Places to Visit in India.

Best Places to Visit in India

It is one of the largest democratic nations in the world. The area it covers is large enough to stand her in the seventh position in the world. It is second to China in population. It shares its borders with eight different Asian countries – Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Indonesia.

The soil from this earth’s surface is the potential to cultivate any type of crop. Each state produces fruits and vegetables that are exported to foreign nations. The style of cooking and taste are different among all the states. The dresses people wear and the festivals they celebrate also add varieties to its culture. The spices and herbs produced in this land are famous since ancient times.

For tourists, this country is no less heaven. There are plenty of exotic places here that will mesmerize you. Whether you want to revisit its history, relax on a beach, enjoy folk music and puppet shows, take a closer look at the wildlife, get lost in the beauty of the hill station, look for peace or enjoy your honeymoon, this land has everything to fulfill your dreams of a perfect vacation.

Places of Attraction in India

The places to visit and things to see in this beautiful country are plenty. Not everything can be included in one single page. Therefore, we will provide you a brief idea about each direction and its specialties. Let’s start from the top, i.e. the north. will make you aware of all the attractive places, cities, sanctuaries, hotels, citadels, temples, rivers, historical monuments, etc. You will also get to see the Indian tourist maps to guide you to the city, village, or town of your interest without losing your valuable time.

Best Places to Visit in India​

Places to Visit in North India

Northern State Places to Visit

Jammu and Kashmir is the heart of this mystical land. Being in the topmost region, it is regarded as the crown of India. This state is noted for its beautiful landscape, hills, temples, mosques, castles, gardens, and lakes. The main Hindu attraction in this state is the Amarnath shrine in the Kashmir valley.

More than 4 million Hindu devotees visit this shrine each year. This state is also blessed with another holy place – Vaishno Devi. The main source of living in this state comes from tourism. There are some famous places like Dal Lake, Gulmarg, Mughal Gardens, Srinagar Pahalgam all contributing to calling this state as “Paradise on Earth.”

East State Places to Visit

Assam is the central northeastern state surrounded by seven other states. It is famous for wildlife and preserves some of the rarest breeds of Indian Rhinoceros in the Kaziranga National Park. There are two more parks in this state – the Manas National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary.

The Kaziranga and Manas National Parks are considered as world heritage by UNESCO. Assam receives the highest rainfall and as such there are various waterfalls and small streams enhancing the beauty of this state.

Places to Visit in East India
Places to Visit In South India

West State Places to Visit

Gujarat is on the west. It covers the longest coastline (1600 km). Area wise, it stands in the seventh position among all the states. As far as its popularity among tourists is concerned, this state holds the tenth position. Each year, approximately 20 million people visit this state to explore the scenic beauty.

Two prominent leaders in Indian politics are born in Gujarat – Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhai Patel. The Great Rann of Kutch is the highlight of this state. In addition, there are many monuments that are examples of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles.

South State Places to Visit

Kerala is the southern queen. If somebody has to see God’s abode, then they must visit Kerala. Rightly called “God’s own country,” this state has all-natural beauty. People from all over the globe are so awe-struck with its beauty that the National Geographic Society has included Kerala in the list of 10 Paradises of the World.

The best thing about Kerala is that it has relied more on eco-tourism concepts. The beaches are clean and tourists can enjoy their stay in houseboats that serve fresh and sumptuous fish dishes.

Places to Visit in West India

Kovalam and Kappad are the two popular beaches. Munnar and Thekkady are famous hill stations. Tourists can also visit the Bekal fort in Kanhangad, In addition, there are wildlife sanctuaries and a few national parks. Above all, Kerala is also famous for its unique backwater concepts.

These are just a few gems in India. In each state, there are many cities and towns that are unique and famous for one or the other reason. has tried most of the places from each state that are worth visiting and included in this website. As a tourist, you can find everything you need to know in planning your vacation. Click what you are looking for at the given link on the top or at the left on this page and get to know about the features of the place. So, keep reading and revisiting this website each season to cover all the places you have ever dreamed to visit. We have also provided you with India travel tips on this website.