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andaman and nicobar islands
Information on Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India Area 8,249 square kilometres. Capital Port Blair Population 2.8 Lakhs
arunachal pradesh
Travelling to a state filled with natural beauty all around and meeting the warm-hearted and hospitable people compel us to visit such a place over and over again. Arunachal Pradesh is one of such states, where you can find your peace of mind at its peak that...
Chhatisgarh is located in the central part of India and is a pioneer in steel and electricity production in the country. The region got an official identity as an independent state under the Union of India in 1960. Raipur is the capital and the territory is divided...
West Bengal
The state of West Bengal is a vibrant, lively and beautiful state with the most heartwarming people around. It is a hub of rich culture, tradition, literature, art, music and heritage moving in pace with the modern, fast and hi-tech world. It is a traveller's paradise proving...
Jharkhand is a picturesque place mostly covered by the Chota Nagpur plateau. This state came into existence just about a decade back in the year 2000, demarcating itself from the southern Bihar. Blessed with a bountiful of natural resources and beauty, this state has become a great...


Gujarat is a modern state lying in the Western part of India. It possesses one of the best infrastructures in the country and provides state-of-the-art facilities for tourists at affordable rates. The state was formed as an autonomous part of the Union of India in 1960.
Travelling to Orissa (Odisha India) is exciting and fun while experiencing a fresh breath of air to fill our mind and soul with happiness and satisfaction. This state is famously known for its pristine beaches, religious temples, monuments, art, craft, fairs and festivals.
Goa India
Goa India is the smallest Indian state lying in the western part of the country and borders the states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Panaji is its capital city. Goa India was declared as an autonomous territory of the Union of India in 1987. It is India's hot...


Bihar is a historical place and is a house for some of the oldest universities and monuments in the world. The region was demarcated and declared as a free territory of the Union of India in 1912. Patna is the capital and the largest city in the...
Maharashtra was officially recognized as an autonomous territory of the Union of India in 1960. It was previously a part of Bombay Presidency which also included the other Indian state of Gujarat. Mumbai is the state capital and is also the financial capital of India.

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