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Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh is nicknamed as 'Hindustan Ka Dil' or the 'Heart of India' because of its geographical location. The state covers the major part of central India and is blessed with ample forest cover and dazzling natural beauty. The...
Information on Uttarakhand(Uttaranchal),India Uttarakhand(Uttaranchal) is gifted with marvellous natural beauty. It is located in north India and is the 18th biggest state in the country. It was previously known as Uttaranchal. Dehradun is the state capital and it ranks 19th in the nation in...


Kerala is a great destination for nature-lovers. It is located in the south western part of India and is also called as Keralam. The territory was officially given a status of an independent state of the Union of India in 1956.
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh (UP) is the most populated state in India. It is situated on the northern side of the country and is a house for several important pilgrimage destinations. It is located in a very strategic area and was an important administrative centre for several kingdoms of...
Karnataka is one of the most versatile tourist spots in India offering a wide variety of sightseeing places to match your interests. The state is located in the southwestern part of the Indian Sub-continent. It officially became an independent part of the Union of India in 1956....


Punjab is a major tourist destination in India. The state lies in the northwestern part of the country and is bordered by Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, and Punjab province of Pakistan. The state was established in 1966 and is popularly called as 'The Land of Five Rivers'....
Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is one of the major states in the southeastern part of the Indian peninsular. It is a sought after travel destination and has been ranked as the second most popular travelling state in India, thus, contributing a soaring economy to our tourism industry.
Places to Visit
Information on Jammu and Kashmir (heaven on earth), India Jammu and Kashmir (heaven on earth) is one of the most visited tourist spots in the world. The region is the northern-most part of India and lies within the beautiful blanket of Himalayan ranges. It...
andhra pradesh
Andhra Pradesh (AP) is situated in the southeastern part of India and shares its borders with Maharashtra, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. It was formed in 1956 with Hyderabad as its capital. The state is popularly called as...


Haryana was declared an official state under the Union of India in 1966. Chandigarh is the state capital which it likewise shares with Punjab. Haryana border connected with three other states like Punjab, Rajasthan, and Himachal Pradesh. The district has a few honors to its record.

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