Chandigarh is one of the neatest, cleanest and secured cities in India. It is a union territory with the most urbanized form of planning, design and architecture. This city is also a popular choice of visit for the foreigners from across the world.


Serving as the capital city for two important states of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh got its name from the famous temple of Goddess Chandi, located near to the city.

Chandigarh is located at the base of the Shivalik Hills of the Himalayan range. This is India’s first and new planned city that was built post-independence by the famous French architect ‘Le Corbusier’. One must visit this beautifully structured place with the modern infrastructural facilities and architectural buildings. It has been divided into various sectors. Each sector has all-round facilities with residential buildings, schools, hospitals, market, etc.

The Environment and Climate

Chandigarh is a true heaven for the residents and the visitors. You will feel like you are in a painted and decorated place. The greenery all over, the structured sculptures, the wide and clean tree lined roads, gardens and pollution free atmosphere will certainly mesmerize you.

This city even has a wide area of forests with myriad types of plants and animals. There are a number of wildlife and bird sanctuaries and protected national parks here in the city.

Currently, the population of the city is growing as more people are attracted to work and stay in this peaceful place. The literacy rate of Chandigarh is also quite high as compared to many other developing cities of the country.

This city experiences a mix of climatic conditions in different phases of the year. Summer, winter and monsoon are the three principal seasons. However, spring and autumn are also prevalent over a considerable period of time.

The summers are hot from March to June with an extreme temperature of 40 to 42 degree Celsius, whereas winters are mild between mid-October to mid-March. Sometimes, rainfall occurs during the winter season. Monsoon season from June to September experiences heavy rainfall. Spring is the best season to visit this city with a cool and pleasant weather.

The Inhabitants in the City

Chandigarh is the joint capital of Punjab and Hariyana. The people are full of life and love to move with the latest trends. They like to work and enjoy their life at the same time. The city is filled with Punjabis and Haryanvis. There are migrants residing in this city from various corners of the country, especially north and east.

The majority of the people follow the religion of Hinduism, followed by Sikkhism, Christianity, Budhhism, Jainism and Islam. The prominent languages spoken are Punjabi. A lot of them also speak Hindi with the Hariyanvi dialect, while a section of the residents speak Tamil and Urdu too. English is the official language of communication.


The culture of Chandigarh is awesome and lively. Food, clothing, lifestyle, sports, festivals and tourist spots are the main spices of a vibrant Chandigarh. A large segment of army establishments cover the city. It also has an established IT park, which is attracting people from across India and the world.

This gives rise to a multicultural union territory with a blend of the north Indian culture and different other cultures from within and outside the country.

People are religious and believe in their God of their religion. A number of temples, gurudwaras and other places of worship are present here attracting devotees each day. On the other hand, people love to entertain themselves by celebrating various festivals like the Baisakhi, Teej, Chandigarh Carnival, etc. The people also have a keen interest in sport activities. Chandigarh is also famous for its mouthwatering Punjabi, north Indian, Chinese and South Indian cuisines.

Reaching Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a cosmopolitan city and has well-coordinated transport services, connecting the city with the rest of Indian states and cities. Several airline services are available from Amritsar, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata and Jammu. One can also avail the train, bus or taxi services from New Delhi.

Travellers can move around the city without any hassles on reaching the city. Public and private bus services are there to drop you at your destination. Chandigarh tourism runs a Hip-on-Hop double decker bus for the convenience of the tourists, taking them to various visiting spots in the city. taxi, auto rickshaw, cycle rickshaw and car rentals services can also be availed, as per your suitability.

Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a must visit city to experience the beauty of this planned city and its belongings. There are several sight-seeing spots that should never be missed if you are here. Some of the important spots worth visiting are the Sukhna Lake, Rock garden, Rose Garden, Open Hand, Capitol Complex, Cactus garden, Museum and Art Gallery, Leisure Valley and Kalagram.

The Chandi Mandir is a must visit too, which has given its name to the city. You can also spend some cool and relaxing days at the nearby hill stations of Kasauli, Shimla and Solan.

If you want to go on a shopping spree, then visit the markets in Manimajra, Sector 17, 22 and 35 or any big shopping malls. On the other hand, Funcity and Thunderzone are the two popular amusement parks to indulge in entertainment activities.

Believe it or not! Chandigarh is a place that one must visit once in their lifetime. Any traveller will love to spend a few days in this picturesque and clean city to get a feeling of an international tour within India.


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