Hill Stations in India

Hill Stations

Best Place to Visit Is Hill Stations in India. There You Can See Real Beauty Of Nature and Also if Possible You Should Go in Monsoon Season.

Hill Stations

God’s best creations lie in India. He nurtured and took care of this land like a mother does for her child. He supplied all the necessities needed by the people to lead a civilized life. He made no discrepancies between regions and divided the rivers, seas, plain, valley, and mountains equally. It is his creations, that you will find hill stations in India in the northern, southern, eastern and western parts. All of them are so engrossing that it will hypnotize you with its wide and lush green landscapes.

If you are looking for the perfect place where you could forget all your tensions, whether it is related to family matters or professional stress, and find an excuse to patch up or rejuvenate, Indiatravelfaq will help you to find hill stations of India. The natural beauty you get to see in any locations will put you into trance and you will wish to be in it as long as you are alive.

Northern Region

The northern region of India is popular worldwide for its hill stations. Even God has stayed in many of these locations to take a respite and make some atonement. There are many hill stations in this region that are synonymous with heavenly beauties. Kashmir is the priceless possession of India. The pleasant weather, the green landscape valley, and the natural beauty engrossed in every step and corner of this heavenly abode are the best remedy to beat any and all types of stress.

Snuggled amidst the great Himalayan Mountain ranges, the north part is blessed with lots of hill stations. The most popular tourist spot are Srinagar, Manali, Gulmarg, Shimla, Nainital, Almora to name a few. Visiting these locations is a ticket to paradise. Many national and international voyagers have experienced the magic and prowess of god. It is a fact rather than a belief that anyone who wants to see heaven on earth, he/she has to visit the northern hill stations of India.

Srinagar is famous for beautiful lakes and wonderful flower gardens. Manali is also a place to visit and enjoy mountains covered in snow. You can also try ice skating or skiing. Then, there are Naini Lake and Bhimtal Lake in Nainital to enjoy boating and the greenery of the city. Almora is also the greenest region that has lots of ancient temples.

Besides soaking yourself in the natural beauty of these places, many famous places will also help you in attending your religious obligations. In fact, the first thing tourists have in their minds when planning a trip to these places is to list down all the worship places and their foreheads on the doorsteps where god is staying. The Vaishnovi Devi Temple, The Amarnath Shrine, Raghunath Temple, Jagannath Temple and the Vashishth Temple are places that attract millions every year.

Hill Stations in India

Southern Region

The Himalaya Mountains are starting from the east and stretching towards the northwest part of India. The presence of the high peak mountains has bestowed the eastern region with natural beauty. Great green valleys, misty mountains, swelling rivers, and best wildlife sanctuaries are the factors that define hill stations in the east of India. The world’s most famous spot in this area is the Darjeeling hill station, Gangtok hill station, Kalimpong hill station, Shillong hill station and Tawang hill station.

Darjeeling is the most beautiful and the eastern queen of hill stations. The altitude at which it is situated is the third highest peak in the world. The world recognizes this Indian version of Switzerland because of its cool and pleasant weather, chilling winds, beautiful landscape and the Darjeeling Tea.

Western Region

The Sahyadri Mountains ranges cover the western part of India. There are many beautiful hill stations in this part that will provide you peace and serenity in your life. The famous spots are Khandala, Lonavala, Matheran, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, and Saputara.

Lonavala and Khandala are closer to each other. Both these locations are on the western slope of the Sahyadri mountain. They are exactly at the centre of Pune and Mumbai. During monsoon, these places are full of exciting views of waterfalls. Matheran is another fabulous location and very close to Mumbai. There are many beautiful spots in this hill station that are full with fresh air and picturesque views.

best hill stations in india

So, whether you are young, old, or hold high religious sentiments, hill stations in India will offer you great advantages and stunning images created by the hands of God. Get ready for an exciting and exhilarating journey that you will never forget in many lives you will be taking hereafter. Find out more about the interesting locations that are calling you with the given links below.

Major Indian Hill Station

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