Manipur India

manipur india

The Land of Jewels, Manipur India is a state with its mystic natural beauty, lush green lawns, hills, rivers, flowers, lakes, pleasant climate and rich culture. It is one of the popular north eastern states in India, also known as the ‘Switzerland of India’.

manipur india

This is a wonderful place with warm and simple people who likes to live a simple life. It is a house to many tribes from before Independence. The capital of this state is Imphal, which happens to be one of the interesting tourist places with blue mountain ranges.

Manipur India belongs to the sister group of north eastern states. This less populated and lovely part of India is bordered by Mizoram, Assam and Nagaland. It also forms a border to Burma.

The important river basins Barak, Manipur India, Yu and a portion of Lanye cover this state. Currently, it hosts a total of nine districts within the state.

People and Culture of Manipur India

There are different kinds of people inhabiting this state with different faith and religion in varied, spread across different region of the state. Most of the people are Meitees, who reside on the plains. The hilly region is majorly a home to the Nagas and Kukis.

The main and official language spoken is Manipuri by all people. However, several dialects spoken like Thadou-Kuki, Tangkhul, Paite, Mao, Maring, etc., depending on the type of people. On the other hand, Meitism, Sanamahi, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are the main religions followed by different sect of people.

The people follow a stringent culture that has been going on since ancient times. Nevertheless, the modern side of Manipur India is getting exposed with each day. They like to treasure their religion and place of worship. Music and dance are also prominent here.

Manipuri dance is a unique form of performing art. Different types of festivals are also celebrated like Yaoshang, Kut, Ramzan, Chumpha, Christmas, etc. Manipur India is specially known for the various games it plays with enthusiasm. Polo is said to be discovered here in this state. The popular games played are Mukna (wrestling), Sagoi Kangjei (Polo), Yubi lakpi (coconut rugby), Kang, etc.

Climate of the State

Manipur India is a state with a moderate climate throughout the year. You will love to enjoy the pleasant weather here, which is not too hot or cold. Summer, winter and monsoon are the main three seasons experienced here.

The best time to visit this state is between October and February.

Tourist Spots

Manipur India has a lot of places to your satisfaction. All segments of travelers like nature lovers, explorers, adventurers, religious devotees and so on will get an opportunity to view something of their interest. The important spots that cannot be missed here are:

  • The capital city, Imphal is a great place to spend your time. You can enjoy the hilly city life here. The scenic beauty will surely attract your attentions. The surrounding blue hills are true eye-catchers. Shopping centres, gaming centres, night clubs, food restaurants, etc., are some interesting spots to visit.
  • Loktak Lake is the largest fresh water lake in north east. It includes a floating island made with weeds and aquatic plants called ‘Phumdi’.
  • Shree Shree Govindajee temple in Imphal is a Vaishnavite place of worship to offer your prayers to Lord Vishnu along with other idols of Radha, Govinda, Balaram and Subadhra.
  • Khuga Dam in Lamka is worth visiting. Lamka is another important town of Manipur.
  • Andro is a village, where you will get to view the cultural and traditional aspects of the state.
  • Moreh is another town at the verge of Indo-Burma. This is the main centre of trading with Burma. You will get to see people of different sects living here like Nepalis, Biharis, Bengalis, Tamils, etc.
  • Ukhrul is a lovely hill-station to experience the beautiful hills, flower beds of Shirui lily and cool breeze.
  • Keibul Lamjao National Park is a floating park with rare species of wild life and bird. You will find a special specie of deer called Brow Antlered.

Important Criteria

If you are travelling to this lovely state, you need to take certain points into consideration as follows:

  • Indians who will travel through Dimapur or Kohima must carry the Manipur India Inner Line Permit to cross Nagaland, and is valid for 0 days only.
  • Foreigners no longer need to have a Permanent Area Permit, according to the latest revision of rules. However, you must register yourself and other members visiting at the Foreigners Registration Officer of the district. Some foreign country visitors will even require permission from the Home Ministry.
  • You can reach this state by air (flight) via Tuhihal airport in Imphal. The modes of transport are by rail, which you can adopt. Jiribam and Dimapur are two main railway stations connecting cities across India. You can also take the bus, mini bus or taxi service connecting all other sister states.
  • Book you hotels in advance before you travel here to avoid last minute inconveniences.

Manipur India and its people are always happy to receive travellers into their state. Gear up and be ready to visit this jewelled land soon!

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