The state of Mizoram is still an unexplored destination for many. However, the government is working on to boost the tourism sector of this land to make it known to the people of the world.


It has all reason to attract the travellers with some of the exotic scenes of nature here. Rivers, valleys, hills, rivers, lakes, flora and fauna are overlapping this to increase the beauty of this state.

Mizoram lies in the north-eastern part of India, bordering the states of Assam and Manipur. Bangladesh and Burma are its neighbouring countries. During the year of India’s independence, the state was a part of Assam. It became a full-fledged state in 1987.

There are 8 districts in this state at present and Aizwal is its capital. It is a highly urbanized state with a high literacy rate too. There are around twenty one mountain peaks of various heights. Phawngpui Tiang is the highest peak here. Chhimtuipui (biggest river), Tlawng, Tuirial, Barak, Tut and Karnaphuli are some other major sources.

Climate and Seasons

Being a hilly region, this state enjoys a moderate climate bestowing a pleasant weather all throughout the year. Rainfall occurs in the months between May and September with thunder storms. Summer temperature does not exceed above 30 degree centigrade and winters are comfortable without being extremely chilly.

People of Mizoram

The people of this state are friendly and hospitable. You will be welcomed in their state as soon as you land there. Mostly of tribal origin, the people are united and follow their own culture and customs.

The collective name of the tribal groups is Mizos, who shares a rich culture and linguistic terms. The tribes under Mizos are called Lai, Gangte, Paite, Mara, Pawi, Lushai, Himar, Kuki, etc.

Mizo is the language of communication in Mizoram other than English and Hindi. Nepali is also spoken by a group of tribes. The main religion followed is Christianity, followed by Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Hnam Sakhua is a Mizo religion followed by some tribes.


Mizoram is one of the fastest growing economies of India with a high gross domestic product rate. Agriculture is the main occupation and contributes to the large chunk of the economy. Industries are still to flourish here in the state in advance forms. However, the local handloom and handicraft industry is a good source of income for the local people.

An IT park has also been established in the University campus. Tourism industry is yet to take a big leap because of bad infrastructure.

Major Attractions of the State

  • Aizwal, the capital city of Mizoram is an excellent tourist place. Tlang and Turial river flow along this city. Apart from the natural bestows with blue sky, cool breeze, clean environment, pleasant climate and hills, you can visit the Bung (a picnic spot), Falklawn Mizo village, Tualchang monolith (row of stones) in Tualchang village, State Museum on the Mcdonald hill, shopping market like Burra Bazar, Zarkawt, Hnam Chhantu Pawl ( Shop selling local handicrafts),etc.
  • Phawngui is the highest peak in Mizoram. This Blue Mountain is a bed to herbs, rhododendron and orchids.
  • Ngengpui and Dampa Sanctuaries will allow you to see the wild elephants.
  • Sibuta Lung is an ancient memorial site in the Tachhip village.
  • Phulpui Grave is an attractive spot with two graves in the Phulpui village in Aizawl.
  • Tam Lake is a beautiful natural lake to enjoy boating and the natural beauty. Lake Palak is another wonderful lake with a wildlife sanctuary around. Rihdil is another lake that you can explore in the Indo-Burma border. It is an exclusive heart shaped lake and worth visiting.
  • Vantawn waterfall is a popular destination surrounded by thick forests of bamboo.
  • Lunglei is a popular hill station in the southern side of Mizoram. You must visit this place to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.
  • Reiek is a mountainous place very close to Aizawl. You can also do trekking here.
  • The religious people can visit the Buddha’s image near the Mualchung village. This engraved image was discovered with precise work of art.

How to Reach

You need to follow certain rules before entering this state. Indians must have an Inner Line Permit and the foreign tourists must register themselves at the district’s Foreigner’s Registation Office with a day their arrival.

To reach the state you take go via plane to Lengui airport near Aizwal from Kolkata or Guwahati. Railway, bus and taxi services can be availed according to your preference.

Explore the state of Mizoram and share your experiences with the people you know. This place will surely satisfy a traveller’s journey!

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