Nestled amidst green valleys, high mountains, serene plains, flowing rivers, biodiversity, heritage sites, Tripura is one of the smallest states in the north eastern part of India. It is mostly bordered by Bangladesh and parts of it by Assam and Mizoram.


The largest and capital city of this state is Agartala. The best time to here will be between September and March. The climate overall is tropical in nature and there are three main seasons: summer, winter and monsoon.

A less populated Tripura with eight districts is a tourist attraction of travel aspirants of all segments from various parts of the country. It stands second in population rate after Assam in the north eastern region of India.

The main occupation to earn livelihood and contribute to the economy is agriculture. Tea is the principal cash crop of the state. The people of this state are mainly Bengalis. There are also as many as nineteen local tribal ethnic groups of this region. The Kokborok speaking people and scheduled tribes are more prominent ones.

Other tribes are Jamatia, Halam, Mog, Garo, Munda, etc. The language of communication is Bengali, Kokborak, Oriya, Manipuri and other tribal languages. English is the official language and Hindi is spoken as a national language of communication.

Cultural Significance to Attract Traveller

The cultural resource of Tripura is its main treasure. The state represents a lot of Bengali culture just like in West Bengal. Apart from the language, the other aspects of Bengali culture are seen in their literature, cuisine, art, craft, music and traditions. On the other hand, the tribal culture depicts more of their customs.

All the people are religious and believe in their God. There are several festivals and pujas that are celebrated around the year. They have a strong faith in their Goddess of Shakti ‘Tripureshwari’. Other festivals and pujas are Kali puja, Durga puja, Ganga puja, Kherchi puja, etc.

The folk dances of Tripura are very unique and popular like the Jhum, Bizhu, Lebang, Amita, Hojagari and so on. Bengali songs, Rabindra sangeet, bhajans, folk songs, Bollywood and regional movie songs, etc., are liked and enjoyed by the people.

The art and craft work of the residents is enthralling. Tripura is very famous for their handicrafts made with bamboo, cane and wood. Tribal jewellery and their dress state a different kind of fashion and accessory status. Pottery, stone carving, wood carving are other work of craft.

Things to Explore in Tripura

  • Cities- Agartala and Udaipur are the two most interesting places to venture out for. Other cities to explore are Kashba, Kailasahar, Damboor, etc. All these places are blessed with a myriad sight-seeing spots.
  • Heritage & Archaeological Sites – Ujjayanta Palace is a royal mansion built during the times of Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya. The Raj Bhavan and Haveli museum in Agartala city are also two important landmark spot for the travellers. Unakoti has rock sculpture of Lord Shiva, a site of pilgrimage. Ashokastami Mela is a major festival celebrated here during the month of April. Gunabato Group of temples, Matabari temple, Temple of Fourteen Gods, Kasba Kali temple and Bhuvaneshwari temple should also be visited in Tripura if you are a true devotee of God. Debtamura and Pilak are two other important works of archaeological stone carvings.
  • Water Bodies – Tripura is full of lakes and rivers. You can cross the holy rivers of Gomati, Khowai, Manu and Haora. Rudrasagar lake with the Neel Mahal(lake palace) is exquisite. Other two important lakes are Damboor and Kamala Sagar.
  • Nature and Environment – Jampui Hills is a beautiful hill station with scenic beauty, eleven villages, orange orchards, bed of orchids and wild flowers, etc. There are several eco parks to visit like Khumlwng, Baramura, Tepania and Kalapania. You can also explore an adventurous tour at the wild sanctuaries of Sepahijala, Gomato, Rowa and Trishna.

Apart from the above visiting sites, the other places worth visiting are the State Museum, Rabindra Kanan, Benuban Bihar, Nazrul Kalasheshtra, Purbasa, Nehru Park, Rose Valley Park, etc.

Getting into the State

Foreigners will require an entry permit from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. To reach the state, you can avail airline service to Agartala airport from Delhi, Guwahati and Kolkata. Road and railway lines are also connected to this state.

The visibility of Tripura tourism is still under the wraps for some. The beauty and resources of this state are on its way to being exposed and discovered. The truth is that travellers will surely love this place and recommend others to visit.


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